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  In the charming followers of Artemis there was a beautifulfairy maiden called Callis to.Zeus loved her passionately and often sought her company.Before the year was out she bore him a son,Arcas by name.He later became the ancestor of the Archadians.Zeus' frequent absences from Mt Olympus caused Hera's suspicions .In time the vengeful queen discovered the truth and drew up an effective plan of paying back.One day Callisto suddenly found herself changed into a bear,with monstrous jaws and bloodshot eyes .Still she remained human in heart.She immediately left her son and went into hidingin the forest.  Years passed.Little Arcas had grown into a young man.Hewas hunting merrily in the woods one day when a large grey bearsuddenly appeared before him.Both were amazed,he terrified at the sight of the frightening bear.The bear recognized that the young hunter was her own son.The young hunter aimed his spear at the slowly approaching bearand was about to pounceupon it.Just at that moment Zeus stepped in and stopped the foolish act.For he had not been able to find the whereaboutsof his lovely mistress until quite recently.He had been secretly protecting her from all danger and harm.Now he turned his son into a little bear,and sent both mother and son into the highheavens.In there they have remained to this day,known as the Great and Little Bear .  在阿尔特弥斯那群迷人的追随者中,有一位名叫凯里斯特的美丽仙女。宙斯狂热地爱着她并常让她陪伴自己。没出一年凯里斯特给宙斯生了一个儿子,取名阿卡斯。这个儿子后来成了阿卡狄亚人的祖先。宙斯经常不在奥林波斯山,这引起了赫拉的怀疑。很快擅于报复的赫拉皇后发现了秘密,并制造了一项有效的报复计划。一天凯里斯特忽然间发现自己变成了一只大熊,长着恶魔般的嘴巴和充血的眼睛。但她还留着一颗人的心。她很快离开儿子去森林中藏身。  数年后小阿卡斯长成了一个小伙子。一天,当他兴致勃勃地在林中打猎时,一只大灰熊出现在他的眼前。看到可怕的大熊,他毛骨悚然。大灰熊认出年轻的猎人即自己的儿子。而猎手则将梭标瞄准逐渐逼近的大熊,准备向它飞扑过去。在这一刹那,宙斯出现了,制止了这种愚蠢的行为。原来宙斯直到近来才发现心爱的情人的踪迹。他一直暗中保护她,使她免遭危险的伤害。这时,他将儿子变成一只小熊。将母子二人送上天空。直至今日,他们还在那里。他们就是人们熟知的两个星座——大小熊星座。