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  My Family Rules  My family rules I have a lot of rules at my home.  Maybe you’ll say “so do we”. For me the rules are a little strict. For example my mom doesn’t allow me go out or return home late. If I do that she will get annoyed. On my school days I can’t watch TV or listen to music. She thought it would make my study bad. And my parents don’t allow me to get my ears pieced. I think that’s right. If I do that I will become a bad child. In my free time I need to do some easy housework my father said. Difficult can make me get more exercise. However I am allowed to choose my own clothes and make many friends. I think the rules are like my parent’ love. So I never mind that.  I will try my best to do that.  我的家庭规则我在家里有很多规定。  也许你会说“我们这样做”。对我来说,规则有点严格。例如,我妈妈不允许我出去或者回家晚了。如果我这样做,她会生气。在我的学校天,我不能看电视,或听音乐。她认为这会使我的学习不好。我的父母不允许我把我的耳朵缝合。我认为这是正确的。如果我这样做,我将成为一个坏孩子。在我的空闲时间,我需要做一些简单的家务,我的父亲说。难的能使我得到更多的锻炼。然而,我可以选择我自己的衣服和许多朋友。我认为这些规则就像我父母的爱。所以我不介意。  我会尽我最大的努力去做。