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  The Small Black Ants,Nature's Clean—up Crew  The small black ants that we see running back and forth in the grass are the same ants that annoy us by coming to our picnics uninvited.They are not trying to make pests of them-selves,but are only doing the housekeeping job they were made for.They are nature's clean-upcrew.  One of these ants,scouting in the grass,finds the trail of an injured beetle.In some mysterious way the news spreads.Soon there are two ants,then a few more.Then a dozen or more are running around the beetle.Enough ants will come to put an end to it.  When the beetle is dead,the ants carry it away to their underground burrows.The efficient ants leave nothing in the grass but the empty shell.  译文:  我们在草地上见到的那些爬来爬去的小黑蚁,与不邀自来,扰乱我们进行野餐的蚂蚁是同类。但是,它们并不是要搞破坏或捣乱,只不过是在履行管理家务的天职罢了。它们是一批大自然的清道夫呢!  这些蚂蚁中的一员,在草地里侦察,发现了一只负伤的甲虫的踪迹。消息便以某种不可思议的方式传播开来。不久就出现了两只蚂蚁,接着又出现了几只。然后便有一打或更多的蚂蚁在甲虫的周围奔忙,最后,大量的蚂蚁会赶来置这只甲虫于死地。  甲虫死后,蚂蚁就把它抬到它们地下的洞穴中。草地上除了那只甲虫的空壳以外,办事利索的蚂蚁们什么也没给留下。