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  A. vt.
  (1) 发现  I found a wallet on the street corner yesterday.  He found her in danger.=He found that she was in danger.  I found him (to be) a tough guy.=I found that he was a tough guy.  This method was found to be practical.=It was found that the method was practical.  I find it interesting to read these stories.= I find that it is interesting to =read these stories.  I found a dog killed in the park.= I found that a dog had been killed in the park.  I found a man breaking into a warehouse.= I found that a man was breaking into a warehouse.  (2) 找到  Have you found the book you have been looking for?  B.习语  findout查清楚;弄明白;了解;打听  find ones way to sp.设法赶到;进入  They found their way to the front of the crowd.  The news found its way to a lot of people.  find fault with sb. 对某人吹毛求疵;挑剔  find oneself发现自己、不自觉地  They found themselves in a difficult situation.  Then I found myself surrounded by some boys.  He found himself walking in the direction to the park.他发现自己不知不觉地在往公园的方向走。