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  A. vt.得到、弄来  Where did you get these good ideas?  Let me go get the doctor.  Will you get me a ticket?=Will you get a ticket for me?  He got a poor wage.  Lets get something to eat.  B.习语  get about(消息)传开  A rumor(谣传) got around that Fu Biao was ill in hospital.  getacross讲清楚;渡过  I wonder how to get my new ideas across.  get ahead of领先  get along进展、过活、相处  get away逃掉  get away from避免、摆脱、离开  get back回来  getback收回、找回  get behind落后  get down记下来  get down to (business/ work/ studies)认真做  get to know/ realize/love/like逐渐地了解/爱上  get in进来  getin收进来、请来  get off起飞、下车、出发  getoff脱下  get on上车/船/飞机等;继续进行;相处  getout拔出、洗掉、出版  get out传出  News got out that you were leaving.  get over克服、摆脱