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  一要注意被动语态的不同时态  被动语态由“be+过去分词”,其中的助动词 be 根据情况可使用各种不同时态。如:  She is respected by everyone. 她受到大家的尊重。(一般现在时)  The book will be reprinted soon. 这本书很快会重印。(一般将来时)  The road is being repaired. 路正在修整。(现在进行时)  They have been given a warning. 他们受到警告。(现在完成时)  二要注意带情态动词的被动语态  该结构的基本形式为“情态动词+be(或be的适当形式)+过去分词”。这类结构非常有可能作为语境题出现在考卷中。如:  The rules must be obeyed. 这些99uu优优必须遵守。  They shouldn’t have been told about it. 这事是不应当告诉他们的。  三要注意非谓语动词的被动语态  1. 不定式一般式的被动语态。由“to be+过去分词”构成。如:  She asked to be given some work to do. 她要求给她一些工作做。  He was the last person to be asked to speak. 他是最后被邀请发言的人。  2. 不定式完成式的被动语态。由“to have been+过去分词”构成。如:  I should like to have been told the result earlier. 我本想让人把结果早点告诉我的。  3. 现在分词一般式的被动语态。由“being+过去分词”构成。如:  I saw him being taken away. 我看见有人把他带走了。  Being protected by a wall, he felt quite safe. 有墙作保护,他感到很安全。  4. 现在分词完成式的被动语态。由“having been+过去分词”构成。如:  Having been invited to speak, I’ll start making preparations tomorrow. 因为邀请我去讲话,我明天就得做准备。  The subject having been opened,he had to go on with it. 话题已经开始了,他不得不谈下去。  5. 动名词一般式的被动语态。由“being+过去分词”构成。如:  She likes being looked at. 她喜欢被人瞧。  He hates being made a fool of. 他讨厌被别人愚弄。  This question is far from being settled. 这个问题远没解决。  6. 动名词完成式的被动语态。由“having been+过去分词”构成。如:  Jenny’s not having been trained as a dancer is her one regret. 杰妮没受过舞蹈的专业训练是她感到遗憾的事。  After having been instructed to drive out of town, I began to acquire confidence. 在接到把车开出城的指令后,我开始信心十足了。  注:过去分词没有被动式,因为它本身可以表示被动意义。如:  The door remained locked. 门仍然锁着。