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  句型[主语+系词be+表语]  1. Knowledge is power. 2. Whats mine is yours, and what is yours is mine.  3. Who are you?-It is I. 4. Who is ?-Pinocchio.  5. He is a good eater and a good sleeper. 6. She is quite the best dancer, I know.  7. Bens a good runner; few seamen run better than Ben.  8. What kind of sailor are you? - m not much of a sailor.  9. I knew I dont express myself properly: Im a bad hand at sentimentality.  10. Our conference has been highly successful.  11. The successful convocation of the national science conference is a matter of great joy for us.  [注1] 除了报刊标题和一些谚语格言省略系词外,一般情况下系词是不可随便省略的。汉语说东方红,英语一定要用系词,说成 The east is red. 他很和气。 英语要说, He is very kind.,你的表不对。英语不能说 Your watch is not correct., 只能说 Its not right time by your watch./ Your watch does not keep good time. 他是人民的死敌。英语说 He is the deadly enemy of the people.  [注2] 英语中有些形容词只作表语用。常见的有:alive, alike, asleep, aware, fond, glad, faint, ill, well unwell, afraid等等。另一方面要注意,有些形容词不能作表语,只能作定语用。主要有以下几种情况: