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  1. There is no doing 结构。其意为不可能、无法:  Theres no denying the fact. 这一事实不容否认。  There is no getting over the difficulty. 这困难无法克服。  There is no knowing what he will do next. 无法知道他下一步要干什么。  There was no telling when she would be back。没法知道她什么时候回来。  2. There is no difficulty in doing sth结构。意为做某事没有困难:  There is no difficulty in finding his office. 找到了他的办公室没费一点劲。  There was no difficulty in carrying out the plan. 执行这项计划没什么困难。  3. Theres no doubt 结构。意为毫无疑问:  There is no doubt of his success. 毫无疑问他一定会成功。  There could be no doubt that he was one of the best writer in this country. 毫无疑问他是这个国家最优秀的作家之一。  4. There is no hurry (to do sth) 句式。其意为不用急(于做某事):  Theres no hurry to return the book. 现在不急于还书。