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  不定代词的句法功能  1)作主语,例:  Both(of us) are right.  (我们)两人都对。  Either(of the answers) is correct.  两个回答不论哪一个都对。  Neither(of the answers) is correct.  两个回答哪一个都不对。  Is everybody here?  大家都到了吗?  2)作宾语,例:  There is room for all of us.  我们所有的人全坐得下。  He gave two to each(of them).  他给(他们)每人两个。  I like none of the books.  这些书我全不喜欢。  If you have any, give us some.  有的话,给我们一点。  3)作表语,例:  That' nothing.  没什么。  Is that all you want to know?  你想知道的就是这些吗?  Thanks, it' too much for me.  谢谢,太多了。  I' not somebody,I' nobody.  我不是重要人物,我是个无名小卒.  That' really something.  那真是一大收获。  4)作定语,例:  You may take either road.  两条路你走哪条都行。  Every room is clean and tidy.  每一个房间都很整洁。  Everybody' business is nobody's business.人人都管等于没人管。(谚)  5)作同位语,例:  They both agreed to stay here.  他们两人都答应待在这儿。  We are all for him.  我们全支持他。  We none of us said anything.  我们谁也没说什么。  Give them two each.  给他们每人两个。