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  1、's 所有格:  1)构成:  A. 一般词尾+ 's.:the teacher's office, Xiao Li's sister's husband's mother.  B. 以 s 结尾的复数名词只+"' ": workers' rest room.  C. 不以s结尾的复数名词加's: children's toys.  D. 复合名词只在最后一个词的后面加 's: my sister-in-law's brother.  E. 表示共同所有的几个名词,只在最后一个词的后面加's: This is Tom, James and Dick's room.  F. 表示各个所有关系的几个名词,在每个名词后分别加's:  Jenny's, Jean's and Mary's rooms face to the south.  G. 名词短语只在最后一个词后加 's: a quarter of an hour's talk.  2)用法:  A. 名词所有格主要用于表示有生命的名词,表示所属关系: Lei Feng's dairy.  B. 用于表示时间的名词: today's paper. an hour's drive. Friday's work.  C. 用于表示地理、国家、城市等名词: the country's plan. the farm's fruit. China's population.  D. 用于表示由人组成的集体名词: our party's stand  E. 用于表示度量、价值的名词: two dollars' worth of books. a pound's weight.  2、of所有格:  1)凡不能用's 属格的情况可用 of 属格表示所属关系:  the City of New York. a map of China.  2)下列情况通常要用of 属格:  A. 当名词有较长的定语时:  the name of the girl standing at the gate.  Have you read the articles of the students who were with us yesterday.