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  从形态上看,大多数副词都是由"形容词+后缀-ly"构成的,例如:slowly, heavily, truly, terribly等。  形容词变副词:  ①.在形容词词尾直接加-ly。如:real-really; helpful-helpfully; careful-carefully; slow-slowly; quick-quickly; quiet-quietly  ②.以辅音字母加y结尾的形容词要变y为i,然后再加-ly。如:busy-busily; angry-angrily; easy-easily  ③.某些以辅音字母加不发音的字母e结尾和以-ue结尾的形容词要先去掉e,然后再加-y或-ly。如:terrible-terribly; true-truly; gentle-gently  注意: friendly; motherly; lovely,weekly,lively等词是形容词而非副词。  ④.英语中还有少数与形容词同形的副词,例如:daily, early, fast, hard, high, long, near, straight, well等。请比较它们的词义和用法:  the high jump 跳高项目(形容词) to jump high 跳得高(副词)  a fast car 行得快的汽车(形容词)to drive fast 开快车(副词)  an early riser 早起的人(形容词)to get up early 起得早(副词)  a straight line直线(形容词)Go straight ahead. 一直朝前走。(副词)  注意:兼有两种形式的副词  ①.late 与lately:  late意思是"晚"; lately 意思是"最近"。例如:You have come too late. What have you been doing lately?  ②.deep与deeply:  deep意思是"深",表示空间深度;deeply时常表示感情上的深度,"深深地"。例如:He pushed the stick deep into the mud. Even father was deeply moved by the film.  ③.high与highly:  high表示空间高度;highly表示程度,相当于much 。例如:The plane was flying high. I think highly of your opinion.  ④.wide与widely:  wide表示空间宽度;widely意思是"广泛地","在许多地方" 。例如:He opened the door wide. English is widely used in the world.