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  Recently there has been a discussion regarding the issue of knowl-edge in the newspaper. As can be seen from the picture, knowledge is symbolized by a clenched fist as power. The fist sends out message for "obedience", threatening to crack with power any hard nut.  The more demanding and challenging a task is, the more powerful the fist seems to grow. Similarly, knowledge, the strongest power for humanbeings, feeds up the field of science and technology. The more ad-vanced and developed a field is, the more profound knowledge seems to become.  A specific example is the dunaping of Mir, Russia's space station. As is the case of the Russian space program, the country could no longer afford to keep Mir aloft in orbit because of lack Of financialsupport. Therefore, Russia decided to dump the space station. The effect is both immediate and farreaching. As far as the present is concerned, the successful launching and dumping of IVrLr has proved to the world that mankind, armed with profca. md knowledge, cannot just build things but can operate them welt. Forthe distant impact, the once- in- a- lifetime success of/VFtr provides man with valuable and indispensable experience for manned space flight in the years to crane. Then, someday in the furore, them might appear in space more Mirs, visiting Mars, spreading friendship, parading the perfect mastery of knowledge.  最近有一个关于在报纸上知识问题的探讨。从图片中可以看出,知识是以紧握的拳头力量。拳头发出“服从”的消息,威胁与权力的任何难题。  要求更高的和具有挑战性的任务,更强有力的拳头似乎成长。同样,知识,人类最强大的力量,提供了科学和技术领域。更先进的开发领域,更深刻的知识似乎成为。  一个具体的例子是我的dunaping,俄罗斯的空间站。是俄罗斯太空计划的情况下,国家不再能保持米尔高空轨道因为缺乏资金支持。因此,俄罗斯决定把空间站。是直接和深远的影响。就目前而言,成功发射和倾倒的IVR LR已经向世界证明了人类,配备profca。医学知识,不能建立的东西但是可以操作这些伤痕。在遥远的影响,曾经在一个/ vftr一生的成功提供了他对载人航天飞行的年起重机宝贵和不可缺少的经验。然后,在风波,总有一天,他们可能会出现在空间更多的大鹏,访问火星,传播友谊,炫耀知识过硬。