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  导语:你一定有很要好的朋友吧,给我们介绍一下吧。下面是小编为您收集整理的英语作文,希望对您有所帮助。  my friend英语作文_第1篇:  My friend very much, but few can tell the truth to each other. But fortunately there is a close good friend.  At first glance, her deep dimples, let a person see her feel she is very sunshine, white inside deeply red face inlaid with a pair of eyes. When she had just turned to some timid, when I sat down on her side, when I asked her name, she told me with a smile, since we are no longer a stranger.  She was a capable girl, I sweep the toilet with her for the first time, full of water, and she get water up the first time, a heavy blunt the dirt and ran off. When the second bucket full, I just want to go to, she again. I told her to rest for a while, but she always smiled, smile is so beautiful, like the sun. Clean the office, she gave to the motion of the stack of books can be really quick, clean after. We are a bouncing sunlight scattered in the road ran home.  Every time she is a helpful person, who is as long as she didn't bring paper will give others a piece of paper, as long as she had with anyone who is thirsty didn't bring the water (of course is a girl) she will ask others to get enough.  She is my good friend ma!  我的朋友甚多,但是能把心里话告诉彼此的却没几个。不过庆幸的是却有个知心的好朋友。  她深深的酒窝,让人第一眼看到她就觉得她很阳光,白里透红的脸蛋上镶嵌着一对水灵灵的眼睛。她刚转来的时候还有些胆怯的,当我坐到她身边,我问她名字的时候,她用微笑来告诉我,从我们就不再陌生了。  她还是个能干的女孩,我第一次和她扫厕所的时候,水满的时候,她第一时间把水拎起来,用力一冲把脏东西一而冲光。当第二桶满的时候,我刚要去提,她又抢去了。我叫她歇一会儿,但她总是微微一笑,笑的是那么美,那样阳光。打扫办公室时,她叠书的动作可真麻利,打扫完毕之后。我俩就一蹦一跳地在撒满阳光的小路上跑着回家。  她还是个乐于助人的人,每次只要是谁没带纸她就会把自己的纸给别人一张,只要是她有带水凡是谁口渴了没带水(当然是女生)她都会请别人喝个够。  她就是我的好朋友徐丽梅!  my friend英语作文_第2篇:  To tell you my best friend, is inati on!  He is tall, neck is very long, like a goose. Start to a shake a put, a higher bottom. Skin white in black. Who is very cute.  Remember once, I and inati go home together, at that time under the drizzle. He rode a bicycle on the road of his mother. I have seen a very surprised, I asked him: "you're not scared of a man riding on the road?" "Afraid of what, I didn't dare to come here to practice for a long time to ride." "Rainy day also dare you?" I asked him. He smiled a smile, said: "as long as the skilled, what's the weather also dare!" I listened to his words, admire his courage. After a while, he said to I boast: "I still can on one hand!" Said he had one hand to ride up. And stamped his feet, the body forward, then rode out of the distance. I didn't catch up with after a long time. This time, but I admire most pleasantly surprised: "how terrible!" "Of course!" He proudly look. But I see his face but I will not happy, serious said to him: "hard to severe, you don't be proud, I later will more than you!" "Well, after you ride very well, both of us to a game, see who ride fast." He said firmly. Then the two of us go their separate ways. I think he is so brave!  Inati on, he is my good friend!  要说我最要好的朋友,就是鹏程了!  他很高,脖子也很长,像鹅一样。走起路来一摇一摆,一高一底。皮肤白里透黑。人长的很可爱。  记得有一次,我和鹏程一起回家,当时下着蒙蒙细雨。他骑着他妈妈的自行车在大马路上。我见了十分惊讶,我问他:“你一个人骑在马路上不怕吗?”“怕什么,我练习了好久才敢到这里骑。”“雨天你也敢吗?”我问他。他笑了一笑,说:“只要技术纯熟,什么天气也敢!”我听了他的话,很佩服他的勇气。过了一会儿,他对我夸耀自己说:“我还能单手骑呢!“说完他便单手骑了起来。只见他两脚一蹬,身往前,便骑出了老远。我追了好一会儿才追上。我这回可是佩服的五体投地:“你好厉害耶!”“那当然!”他露出得意的神色。不过我看到他的表情我却不高兴了,对他严肃的说:“厉害归厉害,你可别骄傲,我以后也要超过你!”“那好,你骑的很好以后,我们俩来个比赛,看谁骑的快。”他坚定的说。说完我们俩就分道扬镳了。我觉的他真勇敢!  鹏程,他真是我的好朋友!