时间:2018-10-22 英语教案 我要投稿
  教学目标:  1、使学生能听、说、读、写:happy,sad, tired,hungry,thirsty,full 等单词。  2、能用I’m happy.来表达自己的感觉;能用Are you?? 询问别人的感觉,并选择 Yes, I am. 或者No, I’m not....作出适当的回答。  教学重点:  1、掌握词汇:happy,sad, tired,hungry,thirsty,full 等单词。  2、能用I’m happy.来表达自己的感觉;用Are you happy?询问别人的感觉。  教学难点:  祈使句 Have some ...后面接名词的用法。  教学准备:  多媒体课件、  教学过程:  Step1:Warm up  1.Gteeting  T:Good morning,boys and girls!  Ss:Good morning,Miss Wang!  T:How are you?  Ss:I’m fine,thank you!  2.Free talk  T:I can run.I can jump.I can write.What can you do?  Ss:I can ... I can sing.  T: Do you like English song?  Ss: Yes.  T: I like English song too.So let’s listen together ,OK? You can listen and do the actions.(播放歌曲If you are happy)  【设计意图:通过播放歌曲动画If you are happy,让学生感知、学习“happy”这个单词,进而导入课题“Are you happy?”,同时初步感知本课的核心句型:I’m happy.Are you happy?及其答语。】  Step2:Learn the new words  1.T: Now ,I’m very happy(作出高兴的样子)。  Are you happy?(Yes) OK.Today we talk about “Module1 Unit3 Are you happy?”(板 书课题,借机学习happy,升降调读happy)引导学生作出回答Yes,I am. T:Now,look at my face.Am I happy?  Yes or No? No,I’m not happy.I’m sad.(板书:sad)Spell the word.  Ss:s-a-d-sad.(多种方式读单词)  T:Now,Stand up!Do the actions follow me.(做run run run的动作)Oh,I’m very tired.Are you tired?  Ss: Yes,I am. T:I’m tired.(板书:tired)  Spell the word. Ss:t-i-r-e-d-tired.(多种方式读单词)  T:Here are some food.cakes、biscuits、noodles and hamburgers.I want to eat.I’m very hungry.Are you hungry?  Ss: Yes,I am./No,I’m not.  T:I’m hungry.(板书:hungry)Spell the word.  Ss:h-u-n-g-r-y-hungry.(多种方式读单词)  T:OK!Have some biscuits.Yummy,Yummy,very delicious!  I’m full. T:Full,full,I’m full.(板书:full)  Spell the word. Ss:f-u-l-l-full.(多种方式读单词)  T:Now,I’m very thirsty.  I want some water.Are you thirsty?  Ss: Yes,I am.  T:OK!Have some water.Thirsty,thirsty,I’m thirsty(板书:thirsty)Spell the word.  Ss:t-h-i-r-s-t-y-thirsty.(多种方式读单词)  2.T: Look at my mouth.Then,you say the words quickly.(看口型快 速说单词)  3.T:Let’s play a game.Look and say quickly.(出示图片,学生举 手快速说出单词)  4.Play a guessing game T:Now , practice in pairs.One do the action,one guess and ask“Are you...?”  【设计意图:通过肢体语言、面部表情、多媒体、实物等多种方式引导学生运用核心句型:I’m happy.Are you happy?及其答语学习  sad,tired,hungry,full,thirsty等单词,再通过看口型说单词、看图片说句子和Play a guessing game三个活动对单词的学习和核心句型加以巩固运用,让学生在轻松愉快的活动中掌握核心词汇和句型。】  Step3:Learn the text  1、T:(出示Kitty和Ben 图)Look!Who is she?Who is he?What’s the matter? Ss:She is Kitty.He is Ben. T:OK!Let’s watch the video.(播放动画Listen and say)  2.Listen and judge  3.Listen,point and repeat  4.Role-play  【设计意图:通过播放动画,引导学生仔细观察人物表情,从而正确理解人物的感受,进一步掌握核心句型:I’m happy.Are you happy?从而能够正确表达个人的感觉,及询问别人的感觉。接着通过Role-play的活动让学生在轻松愉快的活动中掌握核心句型。】  Step4:Practice  T:Now let’s have a test.(出示检测题)  Read and complete.(读句子,根据句意在横线上填上合适的形容词。)  I have a new book. I'm . I run and run. I'm . I eat two hamburgers. I'm . I can't fly a kite. I'm .  I'm . I want a big cake. I'm . I want some water.  【设计意图:通过Read and complete这个环节,对本节课学生所学的重点词汇的作以检测,让学生和老师都能做到心中有数。】  Step5:Sumary  In our life,sometimes we’re happy,sometimes we’re sad.  But I hope you are happy everyday!