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  I used to like junk foods very much, but my mother doesn’t want me to eat them. Sometimes I would go to eat them secretly. I liked to eat the fries with ketchup most, I could eat a lot at one time. Once I went to KFC again, I ordered two large fries and a large iced coke. After finishing the meal, I felt ill in my stomach and throat. I was too afraid to tell my mother. In the evening I threw up and felt hot all over my body. My mother came to check me and found out I got a fever. She took me to the hospital immediately. Since then, I never touch the junk food again. The junk food is bad for health, we shouldn’t eat it.英语手抄报:垃圾食品Junk Food  我曾经非常喜欢垃圾食品,但是我妈妈不想让我吃。有时候我会偷偷跑去吃。我最喜欢吃薯条配番茄酱,我可以一次吃很多。有一次我去KFC,点了两份大薯条和一大杯冰可乐。吃完了之后,我感到胃和喉咙很不舒服。我很害怕,不敢告诉妈妈。当天晚上我就吐了,全身发热。我妈妈过来看我的时候发现我发烧了。她立刻就带我去了医院。从那以后,我绝不再碰垃圾食品了。垃圾食品对健康有害,我们不应该吃它。