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  说到“同一个世界,同一个梦想”,自然便会联想到“北京2008奥运会”。 这不仅是一个体坛盛会,更是各个国家交流互通的机会,各国的运动健儿持着更快、更高、更强的奥运精神,自信、自强、自尊地在赛场上尽情发挥。对多数运动员而言,能参与奥运会已是至高的荣誉,而有的是为博得至高桂冠,但无论怀着何种心态,有着何种目标,每个人都希望让当届奥运会举办得更好,这便是他们也是所有人的同一个梦想。3  英文:Respecting " One World One Dream", we can naturally associate " the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games ".This is not only a world sports grand meeting, it is also a opportunity for mutual communications in different countries. The sports men from various countries are holding the Olympic Games spirit of sooner, higher, and stronger, and heartily displaying in the athletic field with self-confident, self-renewal and the self-respect. As for most of athletes, it will be a high honor to participate in the Olympic Games, and they come here for winning the high laurel crown. Regardless of cherishing what kind of mindsets , having what kind of targets, everybody hopes this session of Olympic Games held better, this would be the same one dream of athletes and all people’s.