时间:2018-10-13 手抄报 我要投稿
  万圣节日到,送你一盏南瓜灯做代表。一来代表关心你,莫受惊吓欢欢喜。二来代表在乎你,愿你烦恼抛出去。灯儿已为你点燃,憨态可掬一张脸,吓走妖魔保平安。糖果也为你送出,小鬼不会来捣乱。只剩幸福和快乐,时刻为你念阿弥陀佛。万圣节快乐。来和小编一起欣赏这幅简单的万圣节手抄报。15393225415bc032adcc53e800762.png  Halloween day to send you a representative of pumpkins do. One to represent care about you, Mo frightened joy joy. Two to represent care about you and we wish you the trouble throw to. Children have for you lit the lamp, naive face, scare away demons security and peace. Candy also sent for you, kid not to make trouble. Only happiness and joy, time for you to read Amitabha. Happy Halloween.