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  长江三峡西起重庆奉节县白帝城,东至湖北宜昌市南津关,全长193千米,沿途两岸奇峰陡立、峭壁对峙,自西向东依次为瞿塘峡、巫峡、西陵峡。以下是小编带来的99uu优优娱乐官方网站_99uu优优娱乐官方网站注册_99uu优优娱乐手机版登录,希望对你有帮助。   Good morning, ladies and gentlemen:   Welcome to ChongQing!My name is XXX , and my English name is Shirley. I’m very glad to be your local guide for today’s visit. On behalf of our travel agency, we hope that all of you will feel as good as today’s sunshine and enjoy yourselves here. In the following time we will have a visit on the There Gorges of Yangtze River-one of nature’s most fantastic sights by ship. During the tour if you have any questions or some good ideas please point them out, I’ll try my best to satisfy you. Wish you a wonderful journey!   Above all, I’d like to give you a brief introduction of the Three Gorges. The Yangtze Three Gorges is one of the ten most famous tour sites of China , proudly stands at the first place of the best fourteen in China’s hottest scenic spots. Extend about 192 kilometers ,the Three Gorges made up of Qutang Gorge、 Wu Gorge and Xiling Gorge .It starts from Baidi Castle ,Fengjie town in Sichuan Province to Nanjinguan of Yichang City in Hubei province, The gorges vary from 300m at their widest to less than 100m at their narrowest. The three parts of the gorges have their own characteristics.   Now, look through the windows, please. This is the first one—Qutang Gorge which wins its fame for grand precipice. The Qutang Gorge is only 8km. It is the smallest and shortest one in the Three Gorges, but its landscape is the most magnificent. The Yangtze River runs very fast here, and it suddenly looks like a thousand of seas poured into one cup.   As the ship going on, we have arrived the Wu Gorge which got the name from the Wu Mountain. The Wu Gorge extends about 44km well known for its profound beauty. Traveling in the deep seems like sailing in a nature gallery. Whenever the visitors arrived here, they were all fascinated by the famous 12 peaks of Wu Mountain. The 12 peaks stand thousands of meters high above the water. Their shapes are various and each of them has a reputation based on a beautiful legend . Goddess Peak stands out from the other peaks on the north bank. It is the most beautiful and upright one among them.   Look, over there! A huge rock towering among the rosy clouds in the Qingfeng, just looks like a slim and beautiful young lady.It is the Goddess Peak .Every day the Goddess Peak is the first to great the morning sun and the last to bid it farewell.   Downsream from the zigzagging Wu Gorge is the Xiling Gorge . The Xiling Gorge starts from Xiangxikou in the west and ends to Nanjinhguan of YiChang in the east.Its total length of 78 kilometers rans the longest in the Three Gorges.The name “Xiling”means “west mountains”in our Chinese becouse it located in the west of Yichang.Xiling Gorge takes on the typical scenery ot the later Three Gorges, and the scene is very splended here.   Time flies, our visit is coming to an end and its very difficult for me to say goodbye to you. I highly appreciate your understanding and cooperation. I don’t expect that all of you will remember me, but I really hope that my service is of help to you. Thank you very much and best wishes to you . 更多相关热门文章推荐阅读: 1.云南大理英文导游词 2.三峡大坝英文导游词 3.重庆英文导游词 4.旅游英语导游词欢迎范文 5.西双版纳英文导游词 6.南岳衡山英文导游词 7.昆明石林英文导游词 8.华清池英文导游词 9.巴厘岛英文导游词