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  导语:下面是小编收集的一些关于出国旅游的英语单词,供您参考,希望能给您带来帮助。   一、预订机票   1 我想预定一张去纽约的机票。 I want to book a seat to New York.   2 我想订一张6月23号的单程机票。 I want a one-way ticket for June 23rd.   3 我想明天上午动身。 I want to depart tomorrow morning.   4 我要一张往返票。 I want a round trip ticket.   5 明天到亚特兰大的航班都是几点的? What time are your flights to Atlanta tomorrow?   6 您要头等舱的,还是要经济舱的? Will you be traveling in first class or economy?   7 打折吗? Is there a discount?   8 这趟航班要飞多长时间?How long will this flight take?   9 我想搭乘直飞的航班。I want to take a direct flight.   二、更改航班   10 我想取消我预定的去伦敦的航班。I'd like to cancel my reservation to London.   11 如果我想推迟我的航班怎么办?What if I want to put off my flight?   12 如果可能的话,我想改一下我预定的机票。I'd like to change my reservation if possible.   13 我可以等退票。You can put me on standby.   14 我应该提前几个小时退票?How many hours in advance should I return the ticket?   15 这些机票退不了吗?Are these tickets non-refundable ?   16 我若退票的话有罚款吗?Is there a penalty for returning the ticket?   17 我刚刚错过了航班,需要重新确定时间。I just missed my flight, I need to reschedule it.   18 下一个航班何时起飞?When does the next flight leave?   19 还有座位吗?Are there seats still available?   三、 办理登机手续   20 看一下您的机票和护照好吗?May I see your ticket and passport, please?   21 我可以携带30公斤的行李吗?Can my luggage weigh up to 30 kilos?   22 我可以随身携带几件行李?How many items of carry-on luggage are permitted?   23 随身的行李允许我带多少?How much hand luggage am I allowed?   24 我想要靠窗的座位。I’d like a window seat.   25 请给我靠道旁的座位好吗?Can I have an aisle seat, please?   26 什么时候起飞?What’s the departure time?   27 飞机何时抵达那/这里?When does the plane get there/here?   28 我们很快就要登机了We will begin boarding soon.。   29 哪个登机口是去往纽约的?Which gate is for the flight to New York?   四、在飞机上   30 我能看一下您的登机牌吗?May I see your boarding pass please?   31 您能带我去座位吗?Can you show me the way to my seat?   32 您介意和我换位置吗?Would you mind exchanging seats with me?   33 我能把它放进头顶行李舱吗?Can I put it in the overhead compartment(隔间,划分)?   34 我需要一直系着安全带吗?Do I have to keep the seat belt fastened at all times?   35 我现在可以使用卫生间了吗?Can I use the toilet now?   36 能帮我调一下空调的气流吗?Would you please help me adjust the air flow?   37 可以拿条毯子给我吗?Could I have a blanket?   38 能给我份快餐吗?Can you offer me a snack?   39 能给我点喝的吗?Can I have something to drink?   五、行李提取   40 请问在哪儿取行李?Excuse me, where can I get my luggage?   41 从中国来的行李在哪个行李传送带上?Which carousel is for the baggage from China?   42 请问行李区在哪儿?Where is the luggage claim area?   43 请出示行李票。Please present your luggage tag.   44 我能用这辆行李车吗?Can I use this baggage cart?   45 我的一个包好像不见了。One of my bags seems to be missing.   46 你们要为我的行李负责。 You need to take responsibility for my luggage.   47 我需要有人帮我搬行李。I need someone to help me with the luggage.   48 我的行李被撕了道口子。There’s a rip in my luggage.   49 我的行李受损了。My luggage is damaged.   六、入境检查   50 你有签证吗? Do you have your visa?   51 您是什么国籍? What's your nationality?   52 我的签证有效期只剩一天了。 My visa expires in one day.   53 这是我的最终目的地。 This is my final destination.   54 您计划呆多久? How long do you plan on staying?   55 您来这里的目的是什么?公务还是旅游? What's the purpose of your visit, for   business or for pleasure?   56 我计划停留20天左右,我是来出差的。 I ’m planning to stay for 20 days or so,   I'm here for business.   57 我是来开会的。 I have come for a conference.   58 我把护照弄丢了。 I lost my passport.   七、乘坐火车   59 八次列车每天几点发车?What time does the No.8 train leave every day?   60 您要软座硬座,还是软卧硬卧?What do you prefer, cushion seat, ordinary   seat,cushion berth,ordinary berth?   61 我要两张软卧床铺.Two berth in the cushion sleeper, please.   62 这列火车在我们这站停留多久?How long does this train stay at this station?   63 请问乘坐四次列车应该去哪个站台?Which platform is for the No.4 train?   64 列车为什么晚点了那么久?What is delaying the train so long?   65 请帮我把行李放在上面的行李架上?Please help me put my luggage on the   rack(行李架)?   66 你们在火车上有什么纪念品卖吗?Do you sell any souvenir on the train?   八、 . 乘坐公交车   67 你知不知道2路车隔多久来一次?Do you know how often the No.2 Bus runs?   68 这是去图书馆的车吗?Is this the bus to the library?   69 我到博物馆要多少钱车费?How much is the fare to the museum?   70 你刷卡了吗?Did you swipe your card?   71 到站了请叫我一声好吗?Could you tell me where to get off?   72 到芝加哥要多长时间?How long will it take to get to Chicago?   73 我需要转车吗?Do I have to change buses?   74 这有人坐嘛?Is anyone sitting here?   75 请坐过去一点。Please move over.   76 我们到那,还要坐几站How many more stops before we get there?   77我应该在这下车吗?Is this where I should get off?   九、乘坐地铁   78 请问这附近有地铁吗?Is there any subway nearby?   79 我找不到地铁入口。I can’t find the subway entrance.   80 坐地铁要花多长时间?How long it will take by subway?   81 先生,这是去往中央公园的地铁吗?Sir,is this the right subway to central   park?   82 你坐反了。You are in the opposite direction.   83 我该怎样转车呢?How do I change?   84 哪个站是换乘站?Which is the transfer station?   85 到西单还有几站?How many stops are there to Xidan station?   86 去图书馆应该走哪个出口?Which exit is for the library?   87 这是去环线地铁的换乘站吗?Is this the transfer station for the loop line?   十、乘坐出租车   88 送我去机场。Take me to the airport.   89 请在一小时之内赶到国际机场。Please get to the International Airport within one   hour.   90 你可不可以帮我把行李放到行李箱里?Could you help me put the luggage in   the trunk?   91 请到这个地址。Take me to this address please.   92 再快一点行吗?Can you speed up a bit more?   93 请把车窗往上摇。Please roll up the window.   94 我赶时间,请抄近路。I'm in a hurry, please take a short cut.   95 计价器上显示多少?How much does the meter(taxi meter计价器) read?   96 请让我在校门口下车。Please drop me at the school gate.   97 我要发票。I need the receipt.   十一、旅游咨询   98. 你能告诉我一些关于这个城市的情况吗?Could you please tell me something   about the city?   99 这个旅行要多少钱?How much is the tour?   100 我想参加城市一日游。I like to take a one day sightseeing tour around the city.   101 你能推荐一些观光的好去处吗?Could you recommend some places for   sightseeing?   102你们能给我提供更详尽的信息吗?Can you give me some further information?   103 你能告诉我那里的气候怎么样吗?Could you please tell me something about   the climate there?   104 旅客信息咨询处在哪里?Where is the tourist information office?   十二、 海关通关   105你能告诉我怎样办理通关手续吗? Can you tell me how to go through   customs?   106 请让我看看您的护照和证件好吗? Would you please show me your   passport and papers?   107 我已经填完所有的通关表格了。 I filled out all the customs forms.   108 这是我的报关单。 I have my declaration form here.   109我没什么可申报的。 I have nothing to declare.   110 那些东西是免税的?What articles are duty-free?   111 我能把这个带入境吗? Can I bring this into this country?   112 我能带多少? How much can I take with me?   113 您能解释一下这条规定吗? Can you explain this regulation for me?   114 务必写清它的产地、品牌和序列号。Be sure to put down its origin, brand and   serial number.   十三、预订与入住   115 你们宾馆能住得下50名游客吗?Can your hotel accommodate 50 tourists?   116 我想预订一个单人间。 I’d like to book a private room with single bath.   117 外加床铺要收费吗? Is there any charge for an extra bed?   118 我打电话来是想确认一下,我预定的5月5日的房间。 I’m calling to conform   my reservation for May 5th.   119 我想我已经预订了。 I believe I have reservation.   120 还有空房吗? Do you have any vacant rooms?   121 我想预订房间。 I’d like to make reservation.   122 我想办理入住登记。 I’d like to check in, please.   123 前台提供24小时服务吗?Do you offer 24-hour service at the front-desk?   十四、 各项宾馆服务   124 怎么叫客房送餐服务? How do I get room service?   125 如何请人早上叫醒我? How do I arrange a wakeup call?   126 请在7点叫我起床。 I’d like a wakeup call at 7 o’clock.   127 请收拾一下浴室好吗? Could you tidy up the bathroom?   128 帮我把窗帘拉上好吗? Could you help me draw the curtains?   129 我的热水瓶空了。 My thermos is empty.   130 我们想订明天的早餐。 We’d like to order breakfast for tomorrow.   131 我想打国际长途到中国。 I’d like to make an overseas call to china.   132 你们提供洗衣服务吗? Do you offer laundry service?   十五、 . 结账退房   133 我是现在退房还是一会儿再退。Shall I check out now or later ?   134 现在可以结帐吗?Can I settle my bill now ?   135 能给我账单明细表吗?Can you give me an item of my bill?   136 这款项是什么费用?What does this amount for?   137 我没有打国际长途。I didn’t make any overseas calls   138 你们这里能用信用卡支付吗? Do you take credit card ?   139 请给我发票。I'd like an invoice please   140 你能帮我拿一下行李吗?Can you help me with my luggage ?   141 非常感谢您的帮助。Many thanks for your help.   142 过了结账离店时间会收罚金吗?Is there a penalty for late check- out ?   十六、 拍照留念   143 我想请人给咱们照张相。 I’d like to ask someone to take a photo for us.   144 这照片拍出来效果应该不错。 It would be a good shot.   145 你站的离她近点,好吗? Please stand closer to her.   146 这样不行,我需要用闪光灯。 Now,I need to use flash.   147 我要从不同角度给这个雕塑拍照。 I’ll shoot the sculpture from various angles.   148 说茄子,好吗? Say cheese, OK?   149 我们得把胶卷洗了。 We need to have the films developed.   150 这台数码相机的内存不够了。 The memory of this digital camera is not   enough.   151 你们这里有这种电池吗? Do you have this kind of battery?   十七、 语言不通   152 你能说的慢一点吗?Can you slow down, please?   153 我说不好英语。 I can’t speak English very well.   154 你刚才说什么?What did you say?   155 你能表达的简单一点吗? Can you use an easier expression?   156 我表达不清楚。 I can’t make myself understood.   157 我不知道这个用英语怎么说。 I don’t know how to say it in English.   158 我听不懂你的意思。 I can’t follow you.   159 你能再说一遍吗? Would you please repeat yourself?   160 请你再说一遍好吗? I beg your pardon?   十八、 迷失方向   161 你能帮我一下吗? 我迷路了。 Can you help me? I’m lost.   162 这条路通向哪? Where does this road lead?   163 我走错方向了。 I’m walking the wrong direction.   164 请指出我在地图上的位置。 Please point out where I am on the map.   165 我该在哪换车? Where should I change?   166 哪条路线不堵车? Which road has no traffic jam?   167 有多远?How far away is it?   168 步行要花多长时间? How long will it take to get there on foot?   169 你能告诉我怎么去火车站吗? Could you tell me how I can find the railway   station?   170 附近有什么标志性的东西吗? Are there any landmarks nearby?   十九、 突发疾病   171 我觉得不舒服。 I don’t feel well.   172 我觉得冷,并且发抖。 I’m cold and shivering.   173 我要看医生越快越好。 I need to see the doctor as soon as possible.   174 我头特别疼。I have a terrible headache.   175 我吃的药不管用。 The medicine I took isn’t helping.   176 我感到既想呕吐,又想拉肚子。I feel like vomiting and having diarrhea.   177 我有点反胃。I feel a kind of queasy.   178 我会因为受不了胃部的疼痛而晕倒的。I will faint from this unbearable pain in   my stomach.   二十、物品遗失   179 我的护照丢了。 My passport is missing.   180 我哪也找不到。 I can’t find it anywhere.   181 我因为疏忽丢了钱包。I lost my wallet because of my carelessness.   182 我的钱包在地铁上被偷了。 I have my wallet nicked on the subway.   183 我已经向警方报案说我丢了钻戒。I have reported the loss of my diamond ring   to the police.   184 我找到了丢失的手机。I recovered my lost cell phone.   185 我在失物招领处认领了丢失的行李。I claimed my lost luggage in the Lost and   Found.   二十一、购物咨询   186 咨询台在门口,你可以去那里问问。The information desk is at the gate, you can   make an inquiry there.   187 这里有公共厕所吗?Is there a public restroom here?   188 5楼卖什么?What’s on the 5th floor?   189 男士用品在几层? What floor is men’s shop on?   190 女装在哪里?Where is ladies’ wear?   191 请问你们这儿卖鞋吗?Do you have shoes here?   192 我在哪可以找到童装?Where can I find children’s clothes.   193 电梯在7层停吗?Does the elevator stop on the 7th floor?   194 请问这里有电梯吗?Is there a lift here, please?   195 你们这儿有售后服务吗? Do you have after sale service here?   196 我找不到自动扶梯。 I can’t find the escalators.   197 你们的营业时间是什么时候? What are your hours?   198 周末你们营业吗?Are you open on weekends?   二十二、 选购   199 我只是看看。I’m just looking around.   200 打扰了,我想买一条领带。Excuse me, I’d like a tie.   201 这酒减价销售吗?Is this wine on sale?   202 多少钱?How much is it?   203 我想给我妻子卖一双凉鞋。I’d like to buy a pair of sandals for my wife.   204 这些商品还有吗? Do you have more of these goods?   205 有没有跟着相配的衬衫?Do you have a shirt to match this?   206 这种鞋你们有7号的吗?Do you have these shoes in size seven?   207 这一件有尺寸大一点的吗?Do you have this in a larger size?   208 这上面没有标价。There’s no price on this item.   209 有没有便宜点的?Do you have anything less expensive?   二十三、试穿与试用   210 我想试试这一件。I want to try this on.   211 试衣间在哪? Where’s the fitting room?   212 我可以在试衣间试几件?How many items can I take in the changing room?   213 你穿上真好看。That looks nice on you.   214 肩膀处太窄了。It’s too narrow across the shoulders.   215 这正是我所需要的。 That’s just what I need.   216 镜子在哪?Where’s the mirror?   217 我还得再看看别家的。 I have to keep looking for what I want.   218 我喜欢宽松一点的。I prefer something loose.   219 这件上衣非常合身。 This coat fits like a glove.   220 对我来讲太小了。 It’s too small for me.   二十四、付款   221 我买了。I’ll take it.   222 总共多少钱 How much is it altogether?   223 给你,这是100美元。 Here you are. 100 dollars.   224 我可用支票支付吗? Can I pay by check?   225 我没有零钱。 I don’t have small change.   226 我的现金不够。I don’t have enough cash.   227 我会用分期付款,分20个月付清。I pay the money in 20 monthly installments.   228 你多收我钱了。You overcharged me.   229 请给我开张收据。Please give me a receipt.   230 能不能给我开张发票?Can you make an invoice for me?   二十五、开户   231 我想开个账户。 I’d like to open an account.   232 这是我的身份证。Here is my ID card.   233 其他的证件行吗? Is other identification OK?   234 你能告诉我怎么办理吗?Could you tell me how to do it?   235 你能告诉我开定期账户的程序吗?Can you tell me the procedure for opening   a time deposit account?   236 开账户我必须存多少钱 ? How much do I have to deposit to open an   account?   237 开一个储蓄账户的最低存款额是多少? What’s the minimum deposit saving   account.?   238 开活期账户有服务费吗?Is there a service charge if I open a checking   account?   239 我想申请一张信用卡。I’d like to apply for a credit card.   240 我想要存折。I want a bank book.   241 我现在可以输密码了吗? Can I press my pin number now?   242 收手续费吗? Is there a handling charge?   二十六、存取款   243 我想存钱。I’d like to make a deposit.   244 有利息吗?Is there any interest?   245 利率是多少?What’s the interest rate?   246 我需要填写存款单吗?Do I need to fill out the deposit slip?   247 我需要填写取款单吗?Do I need to fill out the withdraw slip?   248 你能告诉我账户余额吗?Could you tell me the account balance?   249 我想把钱转到储蓄账户上。I’d like to transfer money in my savings account.   250 我想取200美元。I want to make a withdraw of 200 dollars.   251 请给我些零钱。Please give me some change.   252 能给我兑换50块钱零钱吗?Can I have change for a fifty?   253 自动取款机在哪?Where is the automatic teller machine?   二十七、挂失与销户   254 我把存折弄丢了。I lost my passbook.   255 我是来办理存折挂失的。I’ve come to report the loss of my bankbook.   256 你们能给我一个新的银行卡吗?Can you give me a new bank card?   257 我想销户。I’d like to close my account.   258 我想把账单先还清,然后再把信用卡账户消掉。I’d like to pay the bills first,   and then close this credit card account.   259 我还欠这个银行钱吗?Do I still owe money in this bank?   260 我想把这个账户中的钱都取出来。I want to draw all the money in this account.   二十八、汇款   261 请给我一张汇款单。 Give me a post order, please?   262 我想汇1,000美元到北京。I’d like to send a sum of 1,000 dollars to Beijing.   263 这张表这样填对吗? Is this form filled in properly?   264 往北京寄400元汇款的手续费是多少? What’s the charge for a 400RMB   remittance to Beijing?   265 这笔钱要多久能汇到上海?How long will it take to get to Shanghai?   266 转账要花多长时间?How long will it take to transfer the money?   267 两个小时内能到账吗?Will it arrive within two hours?   268 金额是要用文字而不是阿拉伯数字写吗?Should I write the sum of money in   words, not digits?   269 我在哪签名? Where do I sign?   270 我的朋友没有收到我的汇款。My friend didn’t receive my remittance.   271 我来问一下汇款到了没有。I’ve come to inquire about whether the remittance   has arrived.   272 这笔汇款还没到。The remittance hasn’t arrived yet.   273 我可以在这儿兑换汇款单吗?Can I have this money order cashed?   二十九、外汇   274 你们这里办理外汇业务吗? Do you handle foreign exchange here?   275 我想换些外币。I’d like to change some foreign currency.   276 汇率表在哪? Where’s the exchange rate list?   277 如果我想把人民币换成加元怎么办? What should I do if I want to exchange   RMB for Canadian dollars?   278 我想把人民币换成美元。 I’d like to exchange RMB for US dollars.   279 我想换1,050元人民币的欧元。 I’d like to exchange 1,050 RMB for Euros.   280 当前的汇率是多少? What’s the current exchange rate?   三十、买药   281 你能替我配这个处方吗? Can you fill this prescription for me?   282 非处方药不需要处方就能买。OTC medicine doesn’t require a prescription.   283 我拉肚子,有什么药可以吃吗?I have diarrhea. Is there a medicine for it?   284 我想买点止痛药。I’d like some pain killing drugs.   285 那种感冒要好一些?Which cold medicine is better?   286 这些药片在柜台处可以买到吗?Are these tablets available over the counter?   287 这是退烧的,这个可以消炎止痛,对吗?This is for reducing the fever, and this   will relieve the pain and subdue the inflammation, right?   288 您能告诉我这要怎么服用吗?Could you tell me how to use this medicine?   289 这要每天吃几次?How many times a day should I take this medicine?   290 这要有副作用吗?Does this drug have any side effects?   三十一、四肢不适   291 我的腿受伤了。I have injured my leg.   292 我的左脚踝肿了。My left ankle is swollen.   293 我的脚踝扭伤了。My ankle is twisted.   294 我在楼梯上摔了一跤,受伤了。I fell on stair and hurt myself.   295 我的手腕骨折了。I broke my wrist.   296 关窗户时,我把手指夹伤了。The window pinched my finger as it shut.   297 我的腿要打多长时间的石膏?How long will I have my leg in the cast?   298 我的手指被锋利的刀刺伤了。My finger was pricked by a sharp knife.   299 我的手杯开水烫伤了。My hand was scalded with boiling water.   300 我做这个动作时,这儿就痛。It hurts when I do this. 更多相关热门文章推荐阅读: 1.旅游英语:观光用语 2.2016超简单实用的出国旅游英语口语 3.99uu优优娱乐官方网站_99uu优优娱乐官方网站注册_99uu优优娱乐手机版登录旅途购物 4.旅游英语口语之登记住宿 5.旅游英语:机场接机、送行时常用的英语表达 6.旅游英语:预订机票情景对话及常用句型 7.旅游英语:入关检查与观光问路相关英语口语 8.旅游英语词汇:一些与出国有关的词汇 9.必备旅游英语:遇到紧急情况实用口语