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  导语:如果你带了一些行李上飞机,除了简单的手提包之外,其余的都要办理托运,如果遇到行李超重、托运等方面的问题,该怎么用英语清楚的表达呢?如果你有出国旅游或者出差的计划,但是口语不好,下面和小编一起来学习一下吧。   1 这次班机是在这个柜台办理登机手续吗?   Is this the right counter to check in for this flight?   2 夫人,有手提行李吗?   Any hand luggage, madam?   Do you have any hand luggage, Madam?   3 我有一只背包。   I have one shoulder bag.   4 您准备把那小包作为手提行李吗?   Are you keeping that small bag as hand-luggage?   5 手提行李不用称重。   Hand-baggage is not to be weighed.   6 手提行李不包括在内。   Hand-baggage is not included.   7 那么我把它们拿出来作手提行李。   Well, I'll take them out as carry-on baggage.   8 请您把行李标签系上可以吗?   Could you put on the luggage label, please?   9 请把这些标签系在手提行李上。   Please fasten these tags on your hand-carried luggage.   10 您的行李都系好标签了吗?   Is your luggage properly labeled?   11 把您的行李放在柜台上好吗?   Will you put your luggage on the counter?   12 请您把行李放在机器上好吗?   Would you put your baggage on the machine, please?   13 请您把行李全部放在磅秤上好吗?   Would you please put all your luggage on the scales?   14 你看我的手提包要过磅吗?   Do you think my hand bag should be weighed?   15 嚅,就是这些要不要把我们的全部行李一起过磅?   Here they are, will you weigh all our luggage together?   16 我的行李必须全部过磅吗?   May all my luggage be weighed?   注意:   办理登机手续:check in   柜台:counter   手提行李:hand-baggage(较小)/hand-carried luggage(较大)   行李过磅/行李称重:to weigh the luggage   17 我一共三件行李超重吗?   I've got three pieces altogether. Are they overweight?   18 先生,您有多少件行李要托运?   How many pieces of luggage do you want to check, sir?   19 我想托运这三件行李。   I want to check these three pieces.   20 您的行李箱要托运。其余的您可以随身携带。   Your suitcase should be registered and the other things you may take with you.