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  导语:金字塔(Pyramids)一种类型的建筑物,一般用作陵墓或者祭祀之用。因为它的外形像中国的汉字“金”, 所以就叫它金字塔。下面cnfla小编为您收集整理的是一篇埃及金字塔中英文导游词。欢迎阅读!


  Egypt is at the centre of the Arab world and has played a central role in the region's political situation in modern times. After three wars in 1948, 1967 and 1973, peace was achieved with Israel in 1979 leading to Egypt's expulsion from the Arab League (they were restored in 1991). Egypt has since played a vital role in the Middle East Peace Process.   埃及在阿拉伯世界的中心,并发挥了在该地区的近代政治局势的核心作用。经过三年的战争在1948年,1967年和1973年,和平是实现在1979年导致埃及的阿拉伯联盟驱逐(他们在1991年恢复)与以色列。埃及自起到了中东和平进程发挥重要作用。   Pyramids of ancient Egypt is the emperor's tomb of slavery, the most ambitious of the three when the Great Pyramid of Giza. Taki was a square, each side length 230 meters, 146 meters high, with more than 230 million pieces of stone (each weighing an average of 2.5 tonnes) Lei Cheng, the king tomb with a stone weighing 400 tons Lei Cheng. Overall size of the magnificent, design science, structure is complicated, which lasted 30 years completed. Ancient Greece and he was known as one of the Seven Wonders of the world in 1980, inscribed on the World Heritage List.   古埃及金字塔是奴隶制帝王的陵墓,最宏大的当为吉萨三座大金字塔。塔基呈方形,每边长230米,高146米,用230余万块巨石(每块平均重达 2.5吨)垒成,国王墓室用一块400吨重的石板垒成。整体规模雄伟壮观,设计科学,构造复杂,历时30年建成。古希腊时即被称为世界七大奇迹之一,1980年列入世界遗产名录。   Built 4,000 years ago, the three great pyramids at Giza, in the Egyptian desert remain the most colossal1 buildings ever constructed.   矗立在埃及沙漠中吉萨的三座大金字塔建于4000年前,它们一直都是有史以来最宏大的建筑。   The pyramids were built by Egyptians under the orders of the Egyptian leader, whose title was Pharaoh2. There was a sequence of Pharaohs culminating3 around 2615 B.C., with the Pharaoh Cheops who built the biggest thing ever built, the Great Pyramid, also known as Khu fu. Cheops built a pyramid 770 feet on one side and 481 feet tall. How ancient builders managed to build these massive structures has never been fully answered but the effort clearly required brains and brawn4.   金字塔是埃及人在他们的领袖——名为法老——的命令下建造的。在公元前2615年左右,几任法老相继统治埃及,基奥普斯法老建造了有史以来最大的金字塔 ——大金字塔,也被称为胡夫金字塔。胡夫金字塔每边长770英尺,高481英尺。古代的建筑者是如何建造这些庞然大物的,这一直是个未解之谜,但很明显它需要付出大量的脑力和体力。   The Pharaohs may have set out to build magnificent tombs for themselves, but in the end they created monuments to human potential. There's a universal message in the pyramids. The pyramids belong to Egypt, but the pyramids also belong to the world. That's why we can all identify the pyramids as an early monument of human greatness.