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  导语: 2017年高考正在紧张的备考阶段,高考英语的学习依然至关重要,不仅靠知识的积累和运用,同时也需要学习的方法和做题的技巧,下面是小编为大家整理的,英语学习方法,更多相关信息请关CNFLA学习网!   2017高考全国2卷英语作文题目预测   中国正在修建珠港澳垮海大桥,在社会上有人支持也不乏有反对之音。请你根据以下提示,就其利弊写一篇120词左右的英语短文,并提出自己的观点。1、创多项之最,最长(全长50公里),最难(技术难度极大);2、整体工程耗资巨大,该项目投资总额高达726亿元,如果有这笔预算的话,投资在国内的贫困地区,可以帮助很多贫困的人们;3,对周围自然环境将产生负面影响;4、建成后可实现港珠澳一小时经济圈,有利于各自优势互补,加快本地区经济发展;5、对“一国二制”的顺利实施具有重大深远意义;6、建成后,要求其做到最靓,成为一座标志性建筑,并成为富有吸引力的景点。   提示词:一国二制One country, two systems;珠港澳大桥Zhuhai Hong Kong and Macao Bridge,一小时经济圈One-hour economic circle   2017高考全国2卷英语作文题目预测范文   It’s well-known to us that the Zhuhai Hong Kong and Macao Bridge is being built in China. Of course it is not only well praised but also resulting in much doubt as well. Its advantages and disadvantages can be listed as follows.   Some hold the view that it is 50 kilometers long(the longest bridge in the world)and it must be a big challenge for the engineers to overcome the technical problems . Besides, the investment of the whole project is up to 72.6 billion. If we use the huge money for the western poor areas, we can help them to live a better life to some degree. Finally, it will have a negative effect on the natural environment.   However, it is true that some show much support to the project. They have sufficient reasons for it.Firstly,after finishing the project, the one-hour economic circle will be realized and the local economy of all sides can benefit each other. Secondly,the bridge will be required to be the best one and become a landmark which is an attractive scenic spot. Most important of all, there will be a profound and significant meaning to carry out “one country, two systems”smoothly.   Personally speaking, building the bridge brings more advantages than disadvantages, so I am in favor of it.更多相关热门文章推荐: 1.2017高考四类英语作文必备模板“大公开”! 2.2017高考满分英语作文范文5篇 3.2017高考满分英语作文优秀范文 4.2017高考话题作文预测【精选】