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  我會晚一点到达,请保留所预订的房间。  I'll arrive late, but please keep my reservation.  我在台北已预订房间。  I made a reservation in Taipei.  我的名字是王明明。  My name is Wang Ming-Ming.  我想要一间安静一点的房间。  I'd like a quiet room.  我想要楼上的房间。  I'd like a room on the upper level.  我想要一间视野好(有阳台)的房间。  I'd like a room with a nice view (a balcony).  随时都有热水供应吗?  Is hot water available any time?  我可以看一看房间吗?  May I see the room?  是否还有更大的(更好的/更便宜的)房间?  Do you have anything bigger (better/cheaper)?  我要订这间房间。  I'll take this room.  麻烦填写这张住宿登记表。  Would you fill in this registration form?  这里可使用信用卡(旅行支票)吗?  Do you accept credit crads(traveler's checks)?  是否可代为保管贵重物品?  Could you keep my valuables?  餐厅在那儿?  Where is the dining room?  餐厅几点开始营业?  What time does the dining room open?  早餐几点开始供应?  What time can I have breakfast?  旅馆内有美容院(理发院)吗?  Is there a beauty salon(barber shop)?  是否可给我一张有旅馆地址的名片?  Can I have a card with the hotel's address?  是否可在此购买观光巴士券?  Can I get a ticket for the sight-seeing bus here?  最近的地铁站在那里?  Where is the nearest subway station?
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