时间:2017-09-21 旅游英语 我要投稿
  I’m John Louis from England. This is my first trip to Suzhou. Could you please tell me something about the city?  我是从英国来的约翰.路易斯。这是我第一次到苏州,你能告诉我一些有关这个城市的情况吗?  Certainly. Suzhou, called the Venice of the East, is really a beautiful city, because of its network of canals. There are about 150 landscaped gardens in Suzhou. Some of them are more than 1,000 years old. These gardens are not large but curious in their designs, and they bring together the beauties of nature, architecture and painting.  当然了。由于河道密布,苏州被称为“东方威尼斯”,是一座很美的城市。苏州共有150座园林,其中有一部分都有千年的历史。这些园林规模不大,但设计巧妙,集自然美、建筑美和绘画美于一体。  Sounds wonderful. I’d like to take one –day sightseeing tour around the city.  听起来妙极了。我想参加苏州一日游。  Fine, we have several. Here are the brochures. They can give you further information.  好的,我们有很多这样的活动,这些小册子是观光指南,它们能给您提供更详尽的说明。  Thank you. Oh, I really want to see these places: Zhuozhengyuan Garden, Shizilin Garden, Hanshan Temple and Huqiu. Do you have any tours that include all of them?  谢谢你。哦,我想去看看这些地方:拙政园、狮子林、寒山寺和虎丘。你们这里有没有包括这些地方的一日游?  Yes, this one does. You visit Zhuozhengyuan Garden and Shizilin Garden in the morning. Right after lunch, the tour makes a stop at Hanshan Temple. Then the rest of the afternoon is spent at Huqiu.  有,这本就是。您可以在上午游览拙政园和狮子林,吃完午餐后,就可以在寒山寺稍作停留,而下午留下的时间就可以去虎丘观光。  How long does the tour take?  这趟旅行要花多长时间?  About eight hours. The bus stars from here at 8:30 in the morning. You should be back by 4:30 at the afternoon.  大概8个小时。汽车早上8:30出发,下午4:30就可以返回。  What is the cost of the tour?  旅行费用是多少?  It’s two hundred yuan, including lunch.  200元,包括午餐。