时间:2017-09-22 旅游英语 我要投稿
  If everything is all right, we arrive at seven on tomorrow morning.  如果一切顺利,我们将在明天早上7点到达。  How long does it take to the destination?  到终点站要多长时间?  It doesn’t seem very crowed today.  今天好像不太挤。  Now let me settle the luggage. This suitcase should go on the rack. Could you give me a hand?  先让我放好行李。这只箱子应放在行李架上。帮我递一下好吗?  It’s a difficult choice. The train is a little faster, but much more expensive.  这很难选择。火车快一些,但费用贵很多。  I’m sure we will have a good journey. Shall we go to the station and buy the tickets?  我相信我们的旅途会很愉快。我们去车站买票好吗?  Confirm the route and the arrival time.  确认路线和到达时间。  Excuse me, is this the bus depot for Xi’an?  打扰一下,请问这是去西安的汽车站吗?  Can I get a ticket on the bus?  我能在车上买票吗?  That will be ok. Please put your baggage there.  可以的,请把行李放到那里。  What time does this bus leave?  这辆车什么时候出发?  After half.  半小时之后。  When it will get to the terminal?  它什么时候能到终点站?  Is there a restroom on the bus?  车上有洗手间吗?  It’s the coach, right?  就是这辆汽车吧?  You know my wife always packs in a lot of things for me when I travel.  你知道每次旅行,我妻子都要给我装上许多东西。  Well, it’s nice to have somebody to worry about you all the time. But I prefer to travel lightly. Look, this suitcase is all I’ve got when I travel, and I always have everything I need.  嗯,有人总在惦记着你,那当然好哇。 瞧,我外出旅行就这么一只箱子,而且需要的东西都有了。  I guess you’re right. Now we can make ourselves comfortable.  我想你说的倒也是。好了,现在我们可以舒服舒服了。  Can I see your ticket?  我可以看看你的车票吗?