时间:2017-09-23 旅游英语 我要投稿
  1.You look very energetic today.  你今天看上支精力充沛啊。  2.We are going to do drifting this afternoon.  下午我们要去玩漂流。  3.This place is funded by local government.  这个地方是当地政府筹资建的。  4.You can smell the fresh air.  你可以闻到清新的空气。  5.You need to handle the hovercraft during the journey.  整个行程中你需要控制好充气阀。  6.Oars are very important for changing directions.  船桨是用来改变方向的。  7.You should avoid huge rocks and fast current.  你需要避开巨石和湍流。  8.Can you feel the excitement and fear?  你感受到兴奋和恐惧了吗?  9.Now we embark on our drifting expedition.  现在我们登上了我们的漂流征程。  10.This is a man-made river.  这条河是人工河。  11.Hold tight or you will be jolted around.  抓紧了,否则你会被颠来倒去的。  12.We need to keep pollution away from this forest.  我们需要保护这片森林免受污染。