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  有的人敬佩警察,有的人敬佩医生...你最敬佩的人是谁呢?下面是小编收集的英语作文,希望大家喜欢!   第一篇:   A soldier is strong, he is the mountain; soldiers is broad, he is the sea; the military is flying eagle, from the sky to the ground with his courage to fight; soldiers are running leopard, every step is filled with the breath of his life; a soldier or a poem, for our interpretation of the deep, a soldier is the song the love spread, every inch of land. From the sensible to now, I still look like this. As long as I hear he's a soldier or have to stay in the army, I will register profound respect, I believe, in the army who rolled over, must be strong Chinese blood, I deserve respect!   中文翻译:   军人是坚强的,他是大山;军人是宽广的,他是大海;军人是飞翔的鹰,从天到地都充满他战斗的勇气;军人是奔腾的豹,每一步都洋溢他生命的气息;军人还是诗,为我们诠释男儿深情,军人更是歌,把真爱播撒每一寸土地。从懂事到如今,我依然这样看。只要听说他是个兵或者曾经在部队呆过,我就会肃然起敬,我相信,在部队滚爬过的人,一定是刚强血汉,就值得我尊敬!   第二篇:   Everybody has someone in his heart that he admires very much, who may be a scientist, a writer or a musical or a movie super star. As for the one I admire the most is my dear mother.   My mother is an honorable policewoman. She is very busy with her job all the time. As mom often needs to work over-time, she goes to work very early in the morning, and doesn’t come home till late at night. Mother deeply loves her work; she treats it gingerly and conscientiously, and she is full of respected at work by her colleagues and leadership. For always being a responsible person for the work, my mother also therefore merited many awards.   In my memory, from my childhood, my mom rarely took days off, not even for the public holidays. When my friends went out to play with her parents on weekends, I spent my time in mom’s office. Whenever mom had a day-off, she would be busy with preparing a delicious meal for my dad and me. There was one time, when we were just about to start our lunch, an emergency telephone call rang up, mom hang up the call, got dressed to get ready to go out, she was even too busy to think of the meal, then rushed to her work. Till my bedtime on that night, mom was still not home yet. My mother works extra almost everyday, she never seems to know when she should stop it.   I admire my mom’s work spirit! I love my dearest mother!   第三篇:   My father is the man I respect most. Stern as he may be, he never fails to show his care and consideration. Once I broke a neighbor's window. Seeing nobody around, I ran away immediately. When Dad came home, he noticed my uneasiness and asked me what had happened.   I could only tell him the truth. Rather than scold me, he praised my honesty and then encouraged me to apologize to our neighbor. I learned from this episode that not only does Dad take care of our health but he also teaches us how to be good citizens. How lucky I am to have such a good father!   我父亲是我最尊敬的人。虽然他可能严厉了一点,但他无时无刻不表现出他的关心和体贴。有一次我打破邻居窗户的玻璃。因为看到附近没有人在场,我立刻就跑掉。当父亲回家时,他注意到我的不安,因而询问我发生了什么事。   我只好告诉他实话。他不但没责骂我,反而称赞我的诚实,并鼓励我向邻居道歉。从这件事我就了解到,父亲不仅照顾我们的健康,他也教导我们如何成为好公民。我有这样一位好父亲真是太幸运了!