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  导语:老师是是陪伴我们整个学生时代最重要的人之一,下面是小编为大家整理的关于老师的英语作文,希望对于大家有所帮助。欢迎阅读,仅供参考,更多相关的知识,请关注CNFLA学习网。   我的老师英语作文   When I was growing up the road, there are many grew up with me a good teacher. So many good teachers care about students, education students, like a movie, a flash before my eyes. My fourth grade teacher in charge teacher ma is one of them. Her round face has a pair of tough and tender eyes, high nose bridge on a pair of glasses.   Teacher ma very love to laugh, that a smile on my face almost all the time, the appearance of a kind, everyone likes to befriend with her. The horse the teacher teaching way and the other teachers is very different.   She most often use class time to tell us a little story, or contact the actual hands-on practice, thus greatly improve our learning interest in mathematics, even learn bad students in our class also has the interest in learning mathematics gradually, go abroad to study network often actively speak in class. So in our class like sesame flowering successively high in math, often is the top one, two, grade.   Teacher ma in their work very seriously. Every time we turn it in in the homework, she carefully correcting. Encounter not subject to consult with her classmates, horse the teacher explained again and again patience, until we all understand her.   On one occasion, I because of the naughty, homework and there are many topics not) is poorly written, the teacher called me to the office, not harsh criticism, but smile to ask me: "homework problem not?" I "well", suddenly tears like a broken line of beads, not fall down. Teacher ma wipe tears for me, give me your homework in the title of the spoke 1 time, until I understand. When I did very well, I always forget the teacher to my inculcation, inspires me straight ahead.   参考翻译:   在我成长的道路中,有许多伴我长大的好老师。那么多的好老师关心学生,教育学生的镜头,像放电影一样,在我眼前闪过。我四年级的班主任马老师就是其中的一个。她圆圆的脸蛋上有一双严厉又温柔的眼睛,高高的鼻梁上架着一副眼镜。   马老师很爱笑,那张脸上差不多每时每刻都挂着笑容,一副和蔼可亲的样子,大家都喜欢跟她套近乎。马老师教课方式与其他老师迥然不同。   她常常利用课上大部分时间给我们讲一些小故事,或联系实际动手实践,从而大大提高了我们学习数学的兴趣,连我们班学习不好的同学也渐渐对数学学习有了兴趣,出国留学网课上经常积极发言。因此我们班的数学成绩如芝麻开花般节节高,经常是年级前一、二名。   马老师对自己的工作非常认真。每次我们交上去的作业,她都认真批改。同学们遇到不会的题目去请教她,马老师一遍一遍耐心讲解,直到我们都听明白她才放心。   有一次,我因为贪玩,作业写得很烂而且有许多题目不会,老师把我叫到办公室,不是严厉的批评,而是微笑地问我:“作业上的题不会吗?”我“嗯”了一声,顿时泪水像断了线的珠子,不住的落下来。马老师为我擦干了眼泪,给我把作业里的题目讲了一遍,直到我明白为止。每当我考得很好时,总忘不了老师对我的谆谆教诲,激励着我永往直前。