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  导语:老师是一个辛勤的园丁,她一直不遗余力的培养我们教育我们,下面是小编为大家整理的关于老师的英语作文,希望对于大家有所帮助。欢迎阅读,仅供参考,更多相关的知识,请关注CNFLA学习网。   我的老师英语作文   Flowers gratitude the rain, because rain moisten it grow; Goshawk Thanksgiving sky because the sky to let it fly; Mountain Thanksgiving earth because the earth let it tall; ...... My gratitude, many people, especially the gratitude of our teachers.   Remember when we just entered the school, everything is so unfamiliar, see the teacher, the in the mind is so nervous, like antelope saw the hunter. But leaf teachers for those of us who have just special gentle school children. You gentle tone, revealed to our love, our heart suddenly sureness, what things are always willing to and you say, you are like our bosom friends. In your life care about us, will also help us in our studies of your love, the sun is generally warm, spring is sweet. Love you, more peaceful than a father. Your lecture, it is so rich, each chapter as if before me opens a window of the soul, let me see a colorful world. Always see you when school sports, issued a call to arms for the launching out loud, voice hoarse, still insist on for the sports meeting is busy. You are concerned about a classmate in our class, we as a student, the most to gratitude is the teacher, the teacher taught us a lot of colorful knowledge, you like the obscure roots, make small trees thrive, and branches hung with rich fruit, but does not require any reward. You gave us a ruler of life, let ourselves every day to measure; Let's all have a learning example.   Who put the rain all over the earth? Who put the seedling nurturing hard? Is you, teacher, you are a great gardener! Look at this over the flowers in full bloom, of which you of your sweat and effort, on which a smile without you! The teacher, I thank you so much! The teacher, I thank you, looking at you leave rows of neat and beautiful on the blackboard writing, how can I weigh out the middle there is a mysterious and hard sweat!    参考翻译:   鲜花感恩雨露,因为雨露滋润它成长;苍鹰感恩蓝天,因为蓝天让它翱翔;高山感恩大地,因为大地让它高耸;……我感恩,很多人,尤其感恩我们的叶老师。   记得我们刚进学校时,一切都是那么陌生,看见老师,心里是那么忐忑不安,就像羚羊看见猎人。但是叶老师对我们这些刚进校的孩子特别温和。您温和的语气,透露出对我们的喜爱,我们的心里一下子踏实起来,有什么事情也总是愿意和您说一说,您就像我们的知心朋友。在生活中会关心我们,在学习上也会帮助我们,您的爱,太阳一般温暖,清泉一般甘甜。您的爱,比父爱更祥和。您讲的课,是那样丰富多采,每一个章节都仿佛在我面前打开了一扇心灵的窗户,让我看到了一个五彩斑斓的世界。每次校运会,总是看见你为起跑大声的发出号令,嗓子嘶哑了,仍坚持为校运会忙着。您关心着我们班的每一位同学,作为学生的我们,最要感恩的就是老师,老师教了我们许多丰富多彩的知识,您像那默默无闻的树根,使小树茁壮成长,又使树枝上挂满丰硕的果实,却并不要求任何报偿。您给了我们一杆生活的尺,让我们自己天天去丈量;让我们处处有学习的榜样。   是谁把雨露撒遍大地?是谁把幼苗辛勤哺育?是您,老师,您是一位伟大的园丁!看这遍地怒放的花朵,哪一朵上没有您的心血和您的汗水,哪一朵上没有您的笑意!老师,我感谢您!老师,我感谢您,看着您在黑板上留下的一行行整齐而漂亮的字迹,我能掂量出这中间蕴藏着多少的奥妙和辛勤的汗水!