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  导语:家是温暖的,它是传递爱的火炬。穿过温暖湿润的春天,跃过寒风凛冽的冬天,家永远是家,容纳爱的天地。我则是这片爱洋的的守护神。下面是小编为大家整理的介绍家庭成员英语作文2,希望对大家有所帮助,欢迎阅读,仅供参考的,更多相关的知识,请关注CNFLA学习网的栏目!   介绍家庭成员英语作文:   There are three people in my family, father, mother and I, our family is very warm. You see, mom and dad's humor is tough, deserve to go up again my naughty, make our family more happy.   Oh! By the way, tell you, my mom is very like a face, why? Because in my heart, my mother is a volcano, a little fire, a little bit of trivial things would have made her angry, so most of her expression on anger and strict, but she can also laugh, like to laugh, not sneer at is laughed, these are the result of the father's jokes, and my father's credit is very big, my mother is a lengthy, you see, her day and night, like pressing, said a pile of words, but some nonsense., only a little bit of essence, so, my father and I put up with her every day. Not only that, the home of all costs, as well as her supervisor, speaking of which, I defy spirit, why does the woman supervisor about anything in the home, so I'm keen for our boys.   My home, and a joke big king, is our ming-rong wang Sir My dad played, his humorous words, like got a precious thing, very happy, so I respect him. Oh dear! I play, look at me like the naughty, really let a person in distress situation, but, I think I'm good, how about you?   Finally, I said 1: do you like my family?   参考翻译:   我们家有三人,爸爸、妈妈和我,我们家很温馨。你看,爸爸的幽默、妈妈的严厉、再配上我的调皮捣蛋,使得我们这个家庭更幸福了。   哦!对了,告诉你,我的妈妈很象一个变脸虫,为什么呢?因为在我的心里,老妈是一座火山,一点就燃,稍微一点鸡毛蒜皮的小事就会把她惹得怒气冲天,所以她的大部分表情表现在生气和严厉上,但是她也会笑,这样的笑,不是冷笑就是哈哈大笑,原来这些都是爸爸的笑话造成的,所以爸爸的功劳很大,我的妈妈还是一个会啰嗦的人,你看,她一天到晚就像连珠炮一样,说了一堆话,但是一些废话作.,只有一点点的精华,所以,我和爸爸每天都要忍受她的攻击。不仅如此,家里的一切费用,也是她主管,说到这,我不服气了,为什么家里的什么事都要女人主管,因此,我为我们男生打抱不平。   我的家里,还有一位笑话大王,是我们的王明荣先生 我的爸爸出场了,看他那幽默的话语,真让人像得了珍贵的东西一样,很开心,因此,我很尊敬他。哎呀!我上场了,看我那调皮的样子,真让人哭笑不得,可是,我觉得我是好样的,你呢?   最后,我说一句: 你喜欢我的家庭吗?