时间:2018-03-05 人物类英语作文 我要投稿


  My eldersister is the person I love the most. She is two years older than me. We growup together, play together and share the same room. In fact, we share all thethings. I would dress her clothes and she would wear my shoes. I would tell herall my secret, so does her. She will help me with my homework. No matter what Ido, she will stands behind me. Sometimes she even fight for me. She is the onewho knows me the best. I love her more than anyone.   我的姐姐是我最爱的人。她比我大两岁。我们一起成长,一起玩,住同一个房间。事实上,我们一起分享所有的东西。我会穿她的衣服,她会穿我的鞋子。我会告诉她我所有的秘密,她也会告诉我她的秘密。她会帮我完成我的家庭作业。无论我做什么,她都会支持我。有时候她还会为我打架呢。她是最懂我的人。我爱她胜过任何人。


  My mother is very kind.l like she very much.We sometimes play badminton in our estate.l think she is as well as my friend.She is very in charge of me.So she is a good mother.When l was sad,she would comfort me.She is very clever.When I was not able exercises,she taught me.Our home is very clean.Because she does housework twice a week.My mother always let me eat apples and say'keep an apple a day makes a doctor away'


  My favorite love person-my mother   My mother is a virtuous wife and good mother.She has medium height .and beautiful face.She is a generous,good natured and warm-hearted woman.She looks like actor Wang Tang Feng.   My mother has retired now.She lives on pension/social welfare and lives with us.She is good at cooking,often treat us lavish dinner,consisting of different dishes form various provinces.I like eat my mother dishes very much.   She likes watch TV.My mother and I like to visit relatives together.Sometimes we go shopping together.   When I have trouble that she always encourage me to do our best,she used to say “It don’t matter if you win or not.The important thing is to do your best and keep going”.   East,West,Home is the best.I wish my mother has a happy life every day.I love my mother.It is a Chinese tradition to respect the children and support the elderly.