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  I have a new deskmate this new term. His name is Zhang Gao, male.He is 1.8 metres in height. He looks like a sportsman for sun-tanned skin.Strongly-buih body and well-developed figure make him quite healthy.There is a pair of big eyes below his thick eyebrows. He speaks very fast and fluently, but what he says is very clear. When he speaks, he is always making some gestures. He dreams of being an actor and I have no doubt that his dream will come true. Whenever he sees you,he always gives you a friendly smile which makes you comfortable. He is a good student. I hope he will have a wonderful future. I like my new deskmate.   新学期我有一个新同桌。他的名字叫张高,男生,一米八的个头。看上去像一个运动员,由于皮肤很黑,身体结实和身材匀称,他看上去很健康。厚厚的眉毛下有一双大眼睛。   他说话流利并且语速很快,但是非常清楚。当他讲话时,他总是做些手势。他的理想是当一名演员,我确信他的梦想会变为现实。无论你何时看见他,他总是给你一个友好的笑容,使你感到很舒服。他是个好学生,我希望他有一个美好的未来。   我喜欢我的新同桌。

  篇二:Zheng leaps into history

  In the winter of 1953, a powerful jump from a Chinese woman attracted world attention.   Twenty-year-old Chinese athlete Zheng Fengrong shattered the women's high jump world record with a leap of 1.77 metres in a Beijing athletic meet on November 17, 1957.   The new record, the first women's world record for the People's Republic of China, was one centimetre higher than the old mark held by American Mildred McDaniel .   The jump also made Zheng the first Asian athlete to break a world track and field record since 1936.   The record jump, although by a tiny margin, was described by the foreign media as "an explosive jump" because it generated China's first athletic world record.   Dubbed " a spring swallow (燕子) awakening (唤醒了)Chinese sports, " Zheng sent a message to the world that China was Nolonger the "sick man of the East. "   Born in the spring city of Jinan, Shandong Province, Zheng, who stands at 1.70 metres, has a good physique and a skillful scissor----sharp jump which was seldom seen among top jumpers in the world.   She once leapt 1.78 metres, a national record in 1963.   She claimed a well-merited place in sporting history when her achievement was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records (吉尼斯世界纪录) .   Due to her contribution (贡献) to athletics, Zheng was awarded a series of honours. She was named among the nation's greatest athletes (运动员) in 1984.

  篇三:Rong is first world champion

  When China was hungry for their first world title to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China table tennis player Rong Guotuan made their dream come true.   Rong became New China's first world champion after he won the men's singles title at the 25th World Table Tennis Championships, in former West Germany on April 5, 1959.   Before the championships, the team had pinned their gold hopes on the men's team. But their dream of a world team title was destroyed by the Hungarian team in the semifinal match, losing three games to five.   After a chain of (一系列) unexpected defeats to Chinese favoured for the title, Rong carried the heavy hopes to make a breakthrough.   Rong's rival in the final was top Hungarian paddler Ferenc Sido.   Rong was seen as an underdog for the title as he had just lost to Sido in the team contest. Even the victory flowers were being prepared for Sido.   But much to the surprise of the 8000-member audience, Rong won three straight sets with a big margin 21-12, 21-15, and 21-14 after losing the first set 19-21. Until that very moment, Rong realized the promise he made one year ago, that was to win a world championship for his motherland.   Two years later at the 26th championship for his motherland.   Two years later at the 26th championships in Beijing,  Rong led the Chinese men to win the team title.   After becoming the coach(教练) of the Chinese women's team,  Rong led the team to the winners' podium at the 28th championships(锦标赛)in 1965.