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  As a teacher,she or he should have a good knowledge of the subject that will be taught to the students.As an old saying goes: a teacher should have a barrel of water if he wants to give his students a drop of water. And some people also say that the teacher is just like a library where any student will choose a book at any time and the teachers should always be ready for it .But in the meantime I think the teachers' working attitude and the concern to the students should also be equally important .Because the teachers will be active in their teaching only if he likes his work and the students .What's more ,if the teachers can show the concern to the students ,they will be encouraged to study hard, which will have a good effect on the students' study.So not only should the teachers have a good knowledge but also they should have an active working attitude and the concern to the students.


  Miss Li is my Chinese teacher . She is about thirty years old . She is very pretty and young . Her hair is brown and curly .   Miss Li always wears a blue coat . I think her favourite colour will be blue .   Miss Li is very friendly and kindly .Her classes are very interesting ,we all like to have Chinese class .   She always smiles when she speak to us .Sometimes she is very strict with us,when we make a mistake,she often makes us stand up . 李老师是我的语文老师,她大约30岁左右,她长的又漂亮,又年轻,她的卷发是棕色的。   Miss Li often sticks to have lessons when she is ill , She looked weak,but still beautiful . 李老师经常穿着蓝色的上衣,所以我认为她最喜欢的颜色是蓝色。   Miss Li love us very much, she teaches us so carefully .I think she is a good teacher. We all love her,too .   李老师对我们总是那样友好,亲切。她的课生动,有趣,我们都喜欢上语文课。她和我们说话的时候总是面带微笑。   有时候她对我们非常严厉,当我们犯了错误,李老师就让我们站起来。   I think teachers are like candles , giving off light for others by burning themselves 。 我想,老师就像蜡烛,燃烧了自己,照亮了别人!


  I like my math teacher Miss. Long best, Miss. Long is tall and thin. She has black long hair and there is a pair of glasses on her bright eyes,which makes she look strict.   She usually strict with us and care for our growth.She has a good command of Chinese. Once we make mistakes, she immediately give us the correct. Although Miss gao is busy with her work, but she is very concerned about our health.She always let us go out to breathe the   fresh air and play with each other .Her strict influences me and encourage me a lot.   No poems and songs to express our heartfelt gratitude to you;No formula can be used to calculate your devotion   翻译:   我喜欢我的数学老师X老师,X老师长的又高又瘦.她有黑色的长头发,有一副眼镜在她明亮的眼睛,使她看上去很严格.   她总是严格要求我们,关心我们的成长.她精通中文.当我们犯错误时,她马上给我们指出错误.虽然她忙着工作,但非常关心我们的健康.她总是让我们出去呼吸新鲜空气,互相玩耍.她的严肃影响和鼓励了我.   诗词歌赋,颂不完对您的崇敬!加减乘除,算不尽您做出的奉献!