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  We all know a story similar to this: Two Men and a Bear. In the forest, when a bear attacked them, the thinner man quickly climbed up to the top of a tree and forgot his promise to the fatter guy, who could not climb the tree,about helping each other when in danger. Luckily, the fatter man saved himself. The fatter mat was very disappointed, and when they got together again, he said to the thinner man, "You are not my real friend. Only a friend in need is a friend indeed". This is a very familiar story. It illustrates to us what a friend should   be like. It is, however, just a story.   我们都知道一个类似的故事:两个男人和一个熊。在森林里,一只熊攻击他们时,较瘦的人迅速爬到树顶,忘了他的胖家伙,谁不能爬上树,帮助对方在危险时。幸运的是,胖的人救了自己。胖子非常失望,当他们再次聚在一起,他对瘦男人说,:你不是我真正的朋友。只有在需要的时候提供帮助的的朋友是真正的朋友”;。这是一个很熟悉的故事。这对朋友应该是什么。它是,然而,只是一个故事。   I would like to tell you something about myself, my true feel-ings. When I was in Senior One, I had great difficulty in learning science subjects. I was unable to understand the teacher and 1 could not do the exercises or the homework. I believed that I was stupid and could not learn anything. The sky was gray and the grass was yellow those days. Everything was a mess in my brain. My classmate, a good student, whom I only considered as one of the classmates before, came to me with a smile. She told me that if I needed help, she would like to help me. As she was also very busy with her studies,I asked myself, "Could she help me? "Sev-eral days later, I knew the answer. Yes, she could. She did as much as she could. She made time every day to help me solve the problems and showed me many good ways to study science. Her patience and earnest nature touched me deeply. I worked very hard and my progress was reflected in my examination result. I appreciated her help very much and wanted to thank her. When I looked ather, once again she smiled at me with an encouraging and congratulatory look. At that moment I understood that a true friend should be like this.   我想告诉你一些关于我自己,我真正的感觉。当我在高一,我很难在学习理科。我无法理解老师,不做练习作业。我认为我是愚蠢的,不能学到东西。天空是灰色的,草是黄色的那些日子。一切都在我的脑子一片混乱。我的同学,一个好学生,就是我只考虑作为一个同学面前,带着微笑向我走来。她告诉我,如果我需要帮助,她愿意帮助我。由于她的学业也很忙,我问自己,她能帮助我吗?我知道答案。是的,她可以。她尽她所能。她每天帮助我解决问题给我很多科学的学习方法。她的耐心和认真深深打动了我。我工作非常努力,我的进步体现了在我的考试成绩。我非常感激她的帮助,要谢谢她。当我看着她,她又对我笑了笑,用鼓励和祝贺。在那一刻,我明白了,真正的朋友应该是这样的。   Nowadays, it seems that there are many ways of expressing friendship. Our lives are generally better. People now have more time to consider and be more concerne。   如今,似乎有很多的方式表达友谊。我们的生活变得更好。现在人们有更多的时间去考虑和更关注。


  liu hua is my best friend. she is less tall than i, but of stronger constitution. she looks more like a boy than a girl and is strong willed. at college, we spent a lot of time together reading, talking,singing and laughing. whenever we were together we feel happy and carefree.   刘桦是我最好的朋友。她比我更高,但体质较强。她看起来更像一个男孩。在大学里,我们花了很多时间在一起看书,聊天,唱歌,笑。每当我们在一起,我们感到快乐和无忧无虑。   we have much in common regarding ow education, background, interests and hobbies. we often help each other andlearn from each other. once,when she was in the hospital for an operation on her appendix, i took care of her in every way possible, which made xiang song (the young teacher who shared the ward with her) envy our friendship. when i was preparing for put graduate exams, she did the cooking and urged others to help me. after graduation we parted. she went to argentine. i was still in ustc. we promised to meet in the united states. so we both worked hard at our lessons.   我们有很多共同的关于自己的教育背景,兴趣爱好。我们经常互相学习、互相帮助。有一次,当她在医院里对她的阑尾手术,我竭尽全力的照顾她,史翔送(谁同病房的年轻女教师)羡慕我们的友谊。当我准备考研究生,她做饭,并敦促其他人帮助我。毕业后我们分手。她去了阿根廷。我仍然是在中国科学技术大学。我们承诺在美国见面。所以我们都努力为了我们的未来。   true friendship lasts a long time. hard work is rewarding and three years later, we me again. true to our word, we met at the place where we promised to see each other-- the united states of america. i received an asslstantship in ncsu and she earned enough money in argentine to support herself and work her way' through college.   真正的友谊地久天长。努力工作是值得的,三年后,我还是我,我们相遇的地方我们答应见面——美国。我收到在NCSU和她挣了足够的钱在阿根廷支持自己的大学。


  As computers’ technology develops, more and more people are addicted to making friends online. People’s views about it vary from individual to individual. On the contrary, I prefer to make friends in the real life rather than make friends online. To my point of view, it is unwise to make friends online. There are three reasons to support my view. First of all, people will spend too much time in chatting online. We have no enough time in studying. It’s a waste of time and money. What’s more, it does great harm to our health. The second reason is as follows: The Internet is virtual. There are many frauds in the virtual world. We are likely to be cheated. As a result, it will do damage to our property and emotion. Last but not the least, the over-reliance on it will bring about psychological problems. For one thing, we can ignore our real friends and parents. In fact, we are becoming more and more lonely. For another, these are behaviors of daring not face the fact. However, we are living in the real life. There may be many unexpected things and trouble. If we fail to face the real life, we will rest on our laurels. In conclusion, I hold the belief that it is unwise to make friends online.   随着计算机技术的发展,越来越多的人沉迷于网上交友。人们对它的看法因人而异。相反,我喜欢交朋友,在现实生活中而不是在网上交友。以我的观点来看,它是在网上交朋友是不明智的。有三个理由来支持我的观点。首先,人们会花太多时间在网上聊天。我们有没有足够的时间学习。这是浪费时间和金钱。更重要的是,它对我们的健康有害。第二个原因如下:网络是虚拟的。在虚拟世界中的许多欺诈。我们可能被欺骗。作为一个结果,它会给我们的财产和情感的伤害。最后但并非最不重要的,过分依赖会带来心理问题。首先,我们可以忽略我们的真正的朋友和父母。事实上,我们正变得越来越孤独。另一方面,这些行为不敢面对事实。然而,我们是生活在现实生活中。可能会有很多意想不到的事情和麻烦。如果我们不能面对真实的生活,我们会吃老本。总之,我认为这是在网上交朋友是不明智的。