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  1)她于1990年11月7日出生于广东湛江。   She was born in Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province on Nov.7,1990.   2)出生在一个贫困的农民家庭中,李华接受了很少学校教育。   Born of a poor farmer’s family,Li Hua had little schooling.


  1. 漂亮的beautiful 2。 英俊的 handsome 3。 酷的cool   4。 活泼的lively 5.可爱的lovely 6. 强壮的strong   7. 长得好看的 good-looking 8. 一张圆脸/ 长脸 a round / long face   9. 有- - -米高 about----metres tall   10. 有大而明亮的眼睛的女孩 a girl with bright big eyes   11.戴眼镜的男孩a boy with glasses


  1.害羞的 shy 2.乐于助人的helpful 3.友好的friendly/kind   4.安静的 quiet 5.沉默的silent 6.耐心的 patient   7. 幽默的humorous 8.仔细的careful 9.精力充沛的energetic   10.外向的out-going 11.勇敢的brave 12.诚实的honest   13.热心肠的warm-hearted 14.乐观的optimistic   15. 随和的,容易相处的 easy-going


  1. favourite 2. dislike/ like 3. enjoy / be fond of 4. love / like doing   5. be good at 6. hate 7. be interested in 8。be crazy about


  1. He is not very strong but healthy and full of energy.   他不是特别强壮但很健康,充满活力。   2.He is easy to get along with.   他很容易相处。   3.He is not only tall but also strong.   他又高又壮。   4.Her dream is to be a dancer   她的梦想是成为一名舞蹈演员。   5.She always smiles when she speak to us .Sometimes she is very strict with us,when we make a mistake,she often makes us stand up   李老师是我的语文老师,她大约30岁左右,她长的又漂亮,又年轻,她的卷发是棕色的。   6.An easygoing manner acted like a magnet for him, attracting the love and respect of everyone he cameJn contact with.   他性格开朗 ,非常好接触,跟她接触的人,总被他吸引,对他充满爱慕和崇拜之情。   7.My mother’s name is nancy. She has long hair, two big eyes My mother likes sports and shopping. Her favourite sports are football and yoga. And her favourite food is ice cream. She also likes dogs and cats.   妈妈叫FanghongChen. 她是一个漂亮的女人. 她长发、大眼睛、两个小口. 妈妈喜欢运动和购物. 她是喜爱踢足球、练瑜伽毛球运动. 她最喜欢的食物是冰淇淋,. 她也很喜欢狗和猫.


  My grandfather(我的爷爷)   My grandfather is in his seventies now. He is a kind and warm-hearted old man.   我姥爷70多岁了,他是一位和蔼、热心的老人。   He used to live with my family. At that time he always spent more than one hour examining my homework every day. When I was ill, he took good care of me. He showed great concern.   他过去和我们一起住。那段日子里,他每天都花一个多小时的时间检查我的功课。在我生病时,细心照料我。他非常疼爱我。   Grandfather is very warm-hearted to his neighbors and is always ready to help them.   姥爷对邻居们也很热心,总是乐于助人。   One day, a girl who is one of his neighbors injured her leg carelessly. My grandfather took her to the hospital at once and paid the fees with his own savings.   一天,邻居家的女孩不慎摔伤了腿,姥爷马上带她到医院去,并用自己的积蓄帮她支付药费。   Now my grandfather is living in another city with my aunt. My parents and I all miss him very much. And I hope that I can go to visit him soon.   现在姥爷和我阿姨一起住在另一个城市。我和爸爸妈妈都很想他。我希望不久就能见到他。