时间:2017-05-12 人物类英语作文 我要投稿


  Teachers, like gardeners, make us into trees. They say that the teacher, like a bee, is diligently moistening the flowers of the motherland. Our sun teacher with the good time we spent three years, she is our Chinese teacher, with big eyes, thick black hair, with a left in the sun, like flashing the light colorful.   Remember once, while his teacher was sun play rubber I put his hand on the drawer, found the teacher walked to my seat and remind me to listen to, so I get rid of the bad habit of class for minor. And once the teacher write on the blackboard, I quietly talking to classmates, below also failed to escape the teacher's critical, teacher and help me to get rid of the bad habit of talking in class. It was the teacher who helped me with my patience and helped me to get on my way.   The teacher ah, is you help me when I was growing up the road barriers, is you in my young heart to sprinkle the seeds of knowledge, is you let me understand the profound meaning of "ShiEn"!   都说老师像园丁,把我们培育成大树;都说老师像蜜蜂,辛勤地滋润着祖国的花朵。我们的孙老师陪我们度过了三年的美好时光,她是我们的语文老师,眼睛大大的,头发乌黑浓密,在阳光下轻轻一甩,仿佛闪起了五颜六色的光芒。   记得有一次,孙老师正在讲课,我把手放在抽斗里玩橡皮,老师发现了,走到我座位边提醒我注意听讲,因此我改掉了上课做小动作的坏毛病。还有一次老师在黑板上写字,我悄悄地在下面和同学说话,同样也没能逃过老师的火眼金睛,老师又帮我改掉了上课说话的坏毛病。正是老师对我的耐心帮助和淳淳教导,让我在学习的路上畅通无阻。   老师啊,是您在我成长的道路上帮我扫除障碍,是您在我幼小的心田上洒下知识的种子,是您让我懂得了“师恩”的深刻含义!


  Some say that there is a mountain of teachers. Our little progress and some achievements are all about your hard work. You are like ships, leading us to the sea of knowledge. You are like a diligent gardener, and every day you will nourish our little saplings with the rain dew of knowledge.   You, frustrated or happy, will always be with us in the light of your heart. Teacher, why do you want nothing? You don't have to stay up late to read late; Don't smile at us with a tired body.   Teacher! You are the construction worker, we are the brick, you use the sweat to build our house. Teacher, you although there is no earth-shattering performance, however you by what you had to give up in order to we don't know the growth of a day of rest, and how many sleepless night you like a candle, burns himself, lights others, you are in his life to cultivate the flowers, we the teacher is the engineer of the human soul!   The teacher I want to say to you: "dear teacher, thank you! I thank you very much for your accompany us through this turning point in life, to illuminate the road that lies ahead for us."   有人说,师恩如山。我们的点滴进步和些许成绩全部凝聚着您辛勤的汗水。您像航船,领着我们驶向知识的海洋。您像辛勤的园丁,每天给播洒知识的雨露,滋润我们这些小树苗。   您,无论是失意还是快乐,您用心发出的光芒将永远伴随着我们。老师,您为什么一无所求?您本不用熬夜批阅至深夜;不用撑着疲惫的身体向我们微笑。   老师啊!您是建筑工人,我们是砖,是您用汗水把我们砌成房子。老师,您虽然没有惊天动地的业绩,然而您为了我们的成长不知放弃了多少个休息日,熬过了多少个不眠之夜,您就像是一支蜡烛,燃烧了自己,照亮了别人,您在用一生的心血培养我们这些花,老师就是人类灵魂的工程师!   老师我想对你说:“敬爱的老师,我谢谢您!我非常感谢您陪我们渡过这个人生的转折点,为我们照亮前方的路。”