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  我的父亲是一个善良的人。他不是很高,但他是一名男子的毅力。他工作很辛苦,他的服务是极为重要的。   我的父亲是一个男人的献身精神。他每天早晨起床最早,使我们的早餐。在傍晚的时候,他总是晚回家。在周末,他总是带我们去郊游,在他的车。他是个沉默寡言的人,但他常对我说“学问浅薄,如履薄冰”。我将永远记得这些话。   我非常爱我的父亲。   My father is a kind person. He is the man of the house, is a man of perseverance. He worked very hard, and his work attitude is highly appreciated. He loves the fishing, and almost every day to go fishing, always. My father cook well. He always says, "my cooking absolutely no chefs." On weekends, he went to work, is diligent.   My father doesn't like anyone else's father, always want their children go to cram school, but respect my opinion.   I love my father very much.


  我的爸爸并不高。他长着两只明亮的小眼睛和一张小嘴。   我的爸爸是个非常严厉的人。他对我要求非常严格。每天晚上;他都询问我当天学过的知识,并辅导我做作业。每天早晨六点钟;他都叫我起床大声地朗读英语。有时候他很严厉,但是我知道他很爱我。   他经常到书店给我买书。如果我想要些什么,他会对我说:“只要你努力学习,我就会给你买。"有时候我怕他,但是我非常爱他。   我的爸爸擅长烹饪。如果你到我家来赴宴,你会很吃惊并忍不住说:“真可口!”   我的爸爸是个司机,他很努力工作。每天他都起得很早,上班从来不迟到。他的同事也都很喜欢他。   我想我爸爸是个很好的人。   My father is not tall. He has two small but bright eyes and a small mouth.   My father is a very severe man. He is very strict with me. Every night,he asks me what I have learnt in the day, and helps me with my homework. Every morning,at six o'clock,he asks me to get up to read some English texts loudly. Sometime he is serious,but I know he is fond of me.   He often goes to the bookshop and buys a lot of books for me. If I want something,he always says,“If you study well,I will buy it for you. "Sometimes I am afraid of him, but I love him very much.   My father is good at cooking. If you come to my home for dinner, you will be surprised and cant's help saying, “very delicious!"   My father is a hardworking driver. He gets up early every day,and is never late for work. His colleagues also like him Very much. I think my father is a very good man.


  My father loves our family, and loves his work even better. In the company, he is called workaholic He spends most of his time working, and often forgets to have meals or to go to bed.As a result,he doesnt enjoy good health. My father likes reading in his spare time. He told me reading was very interesting. I became interested in reading little by little. I like books, because they help me in many ways. My father has a bad habit he likes smoking very much. I hate it. See, the house is full of smoke. I know its bad for his health as well as mothers and mine. I advise him to give up smoking. Im sure he will follow my advice some day. Such is my father. I am proud of having such a good father.   爸爸热爱家庭,更注重事业,公司里的人都叫他“工作狂”。他把大部分时间都用于工作,为工作他常常废寝忘食。过度的劳累使他的健康状况欠佳。 爸爸闲暇时爱读书。他告诉我,读书很有趣。我渐渐地对读书产生了兴趣。我爱上了书,因为书对我帮助很大。 爸爸有个坏习惯——太爱吸烟。我不喜欢他抽烟。瞧,家里充满了烟味。我知道吸烟有害他的健康,对我和妈妈也有害无益。我建议他戒烟。我相信总有一天他会这么做的。 这就是我的爸爸,我为有这样的好爸爸而自豪。