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  My mother and father are funny. They are my dear friends. My mother is not tall, not short but slim. She has a round face, two big eyes, a small nose and small mouth.   She often wears a shirt, a coat, a pair of trousers and boots. She’s beautiful. She is forty-three years old, but she looks so young!And her finger is long and thin. She often uses finger to tooth my ears, wow! Collected by   My father is strong, he is tall and handsome. He is my hero. He has a round face, big eyes, a big nose and a big mouth. He’s tummy little fat. He likes wearing a T-shirt a pair sport shoes.   I love my mother and father. I love my family!


  My mother is 38 years old, but she never tells others how old she is. She says she just doesn't want them to know about it! My mother is a well-known doctor in our area. She works hard. She often gets up very early in the morning and rushes to the hospital to look after her patients. She is kind to her patients and treats them the way she treats her family. Sometimes I wonder whom she loves more, her patients or me.   My father is 40 years old. He has short hair, big eyes and a small mouth. He is my best friend.   My father is a teacher. Just like my mother, he is very busy. He doesn?ˉt have any holidays or weekends. Every morning he goes to school very early and stays with his students until late in the afternoon. It seems that he never gets tired! His students love and respect him. He always tells my mother how good it is to be a teacher, because his students make him feel young. He thinks my mother should be a teacher, too! But so far she hasn't taken his advice.   I will be a new student in my father's school this summer. I will work harder and I hope one day I can be a good doctor like my mother.


  I am very lucky because I have a happy family. There are three people in my family.They are Dad,Mum and I .   My father is a worker .He works in a factory near our school. He likes his work very much.In his spare time, he often goes fishing.Sometimes he likes watching TV at home. My mother is a farmer. She is very diligent and kind.She works hard on our farm every day.I am a middle school student. I am studying in No.5 Middle School of Yuanjiang. I am in Class Three, Grade One. I am very good at English , I love our school and teachers . I like oranges ,pears bananas and apples very much . I also like doing housework and watching TV. I love my Dad and Mum verymuch. They also love me, and are very strict with me .Sometimes ,I also teach them a little English. I am vey glad to have such a happy and warm family.   我的家人   我很幸运,应为我有一个很快乐的家庭。我们家有三个人,就是我,我爸爸和妈妈。   我的父亲是一位工人,他就在我们学校附件的工厂工作,他十分热爱他的工作,闲暇时分,他喜爱钓鱼。有时他也喜欢在家看电视。我的母亲是一位农业劳作者,她十分勤奋,也很仁慈,她每天都在农场上辛勤劳作。我是一位中学学生,就读于元江第五中学一年级三班(这个地方你可以改成你自己的学校),我的英语很好,我爱我的学校和老师,我十分喜欢吃橙子,香蕉,梨子和苹果。我也喜欢做作业和看电视。我喜欢我的爸爸妈妈,他们也爱我,虽然他们对我很严厉,有时我还教他们几句英文,我因为有这样一个快乐温暖的家庭而开心!