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  Nowadays,students can not communicate with parents well.Many students think It's hard to talk with their parents.How to communicate with our parents?Here are some suggestions.First,try to talk to your parents politely,or they will not feel like to talk to you.Second,try to think about your parents more,so you will find that you can understand them.Also ,do not forget to care your parents,they will be pleased if you do that and they will be happy to listen to you too.If you feel hard to commuicate with them, you can tell your parents about this situation,maybe they will think about themselves and try to understand you.By doing these things,you can talk to your parents more easily.


  Children are their parents' most prized resource,particularly nowadays parents have only one child.Therefore,parents give everything to their kids,sometimes they are spoiling kids.   However,things are not always like this."You never listen to me" is a complaint heard as often from children as parents.Good communication helps children and parents to develop confidence,feelings of self-worth,and good relationships with others.Try these tips:   Teach children to listen...gently touch a child before you talk...say their name.   Speak in a quiet voice...whisper sometimes so children have to listen...they like this.   Look a child in the eyes so you can tell when they understand...bend or sit down...become the child's size.   Practice listening and talking:Talk with your children about school and their friends.   Respect children and use a courteous tone of voice.If we talk to our children as we are good friends,our youngsters may be more likely take us as confidants.   Use door openers that invite children to say more about an incident or their feelings."I see," "Oh," "tell me more," "No kidding," "Really," "Mmmmhmmmmm," "Say that again,I want to be sure I understand you."   Praise builds a child's confidence and reinforces communication.Unkind words tear children down and teach them that they just aren't good enough.   Children are never too old to be told they are loved.Saying "I love you" is important.Writing it in a note provides the child with a reminder that he can hold on to.   Give your undivided attention when your children want to talk to you.Don't read,watch TV,fall asleep or make yourself busy with other tasks when talking with kids.   All in all,as parents,we should respect our kids and listen to them,talk to them as friends.We should alwasys be there to share with kids their joys and sorrows.


  Directions:You are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic How to Communicate Effectively.You should write at least 100 words and you should base your composition on the outline below.   1.The importance of effective communication.   2.How to communicate effectively.   3.How do you communicate with people?   How to Communicate Effectively   Communication plays a significant role in our daily life,especially in modern society.Since we get along with other people in every field,we must learn how to communicate with people effectively.   Effective communication should be planned carefully.First,speak slowly and briefly in order to make ourselves understood completely.Second,express ourselves in all sincerity and with warmth.Third,concentrate on what the speaker says and appreciate his point of view.Moreover,we should give positive feedback by nodding or smiling while listening.Fourth,place ourselves in the place of others.   As far as I'm concerned,I communicate with other people in a positive way whether I'm in a merry mood or not.And I often express my own opinion genuinely and sincerely.