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  My parents very love me.When I was a young girl,my parents took good care of me.If I had a bad cold,my parents would very worry about me.My parents sent me to have English lessons.It improved my English writing and listening skills.Thanks a lot to my parents.I'll study hard and look good after my parents.I'll can't let my parents down.

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  Our parents gave us lives,they gave us love.they talked with me to taught me language.they played with me,took care of me,gave me delicious meals,they gave me many classes to live.when I smiled,they were happier than me.when I cried,they were sadder than me.when I made mistakes,they were angery with me.They gave me much love,they gave me a warm family.Thanks to my parents.

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  My father is a peasant. Four years ago he came to the city, and found a job. And then my mother and I moved here. At that time, my father earned little money and could hardly support the family.   I was small, short and thin then. My parents sometimes bought me some good food for me. I remember clearly once they gave me the roast chicken.   Oh, I liked it best. I asked them to eat together, but they both said they didn't like it. So I ate it up.   Now our life is better. One evening, my father bought some roast chichen again, and we ate it happily. Suddenly, I understood why they didn't eat it before. They just wanted me to eat it.This is my parents' love!