时间:2017-06-27 人物类英语作文 我要投稿

  My sister

  Hello! My name is Mike. I have a sister. She name is Lisa.   She is tall and thin. She has long hair. She has two big eyes and often wear glasses. She outstanding achievement. She is very kind. She often help her classmates. She very love swim. On the weekend, we often swim together.   I really love my sister. I hope we alway live together.


  I have a best friend.   She has long,straight,black hair,big,black eyes and a small nose. She is very thin and kind,she is cute,too. Her English and Chinese is very good. She is hard-working.   Her favorite season is summer,because its hot,she can eat ice- cream. She likes playing the piano,reading books and singing songs.   Whos she?She is my best friend Sun Mengqi. She has a very good English name,tooAngle.

  My friend 介绍朋友

  Hi!My name is Sam.I have a good friend .His name is Jack.He is 14 years old.We are classmates.   你好!我的名字叫山姆。我有一个好朋友。他的名字叫杰克。他14岁。我们是同班同学。   We are in (xxx) middle school.We often go to school together.He likes to learn Englishand his English is very well.He likes listening music and playing computer games .He likes reading,too.He often reads some books about history.   我们在xxx中学读书。我们经常一起去上学。他喜欢学英语,他的英语非常好。他喜欢听音乐和打电脑游戏。他也喜欢阅读。他经常阅读与历史有关的书籍。   He likes playing basketball with me and classmates.I am very happy to have him this friend.   他喜欢打篮球与我和同班同学。我很高兴有他这个朋友。