时间:2017-06-28 人物类英语作文 我要投稿


  My grandmother is seventy years of age who has a head of gray hair. My grandmother get along well with her neighbours.   She is a kind-hearted person and is always ready to help others, so whenever people get into difficulties, they often go to her for help. She is respected by all her neighbours.   My gradmother enjoys watching Beijing Opera on TV and she shows much interest in the Dialogue of CCTV. She leads a simple but happy life.   She often tells me to be honest. She expects me to work hard at my lessons and be a useful person to the society in the future. I love my granny very much.


  Today is my grandmother’s birthday. She is eighty years old now.   My families held a big celebration for her. Many relatives come to my home, so my grandmother is very happy. She misses them very much.   We ate the big dinner at 5 o’clock. My parents prepare the dinner for the whole day.   At about 9 o’clock, we ate the birthday cake. Grandmother said that she is fashionable, too. I love my grandmother and I always give my best wishes to her.


  My grandmother is sixty-two years old. She is healthy so that she walks around often. In the morning, she goes to buy food in the market early. There are several old grannies going with her.   In their opinion, it’s a kind of exercise, because walking is important to their health.   Besides, my grandmother is very active and easygoing. She makes many friends near my home, from her peer to the little babies.   She always laughs and makes others happy. I think my grandmother is so lovely that I want to stay with her.


  My grandmother is a kind-heart granny who is popular among my neighbors.   She takes a walk outside every day, so she is familiar with many people. She is so experienced in looking after babies, so some young mothers who have problems would like to ask her for help. My grandmother is always ready to help them. My grandmother loves me very much.   She takes care of me since I was a little baby. I have always been taking care of by her, so that I don’t have to worry my life at all. I am so happy to have such a great granny.   Now, she is getting old and I want to be the one who can look after her.   我的奶奶是一位很慈祥的老人,她很受我们的邻居欢迎。她每天都要外出散步,所以熟悉很多周围的人。她照顾宝宝的经验很丰富,因此有的年轻妈妈有了问题都喜欢向她寻求帮助,奶奶也很乐意帮助他们。我的奶奶很爱我,从我还是个小宝宝的时候,她就开始照顾我了。我总是被她照顾得很好,所以我一点也不需要担心自己的生活。有一个这么棒的奶奶,我感到很幸福。现在,她慢慢地变老了,我想自己能成为那个可以好好照顾她的人。


  My grandmother is my favorite person. She is in her early seventies, with a head of gray hair. She likes leading a simple life. And she like wearing clothes which are made by herself.   My grandmother likes always wear smiles on her face. She is very kind. She gets on well with our neighbors. When they have difficulties, she is always ready to help. so she is loved and respected by all the neighbors.   My grandmother often tells me to be honest. She expects me to be useful to the people in the future. I will love her forever.   奶奶是我最爱戴的人。她刚七十出头,一头银发。她喜欢过简朴的生活,并且喜爱穿自己做的衣服。   我的奶奶脸上常带着微笑,她很善良,与邻居相处的很好,邻居有什么困难,她总是乐意帮忙。因此她受到邻居们的喜爱和尊重。奶奶常告诚我要诚实,她希望我将来做一名有利于人民的人。我永远爱我的奶奶。