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  I have a nice grandfather. He is eighty years old. Although he is eighty years old, his body is still in good condition. He likes to listen to Beijing Opera. He often goes to do exercise, so many people ask him about Opera. He has a nice wife that is my grandmother. Grandfather is a good husband, and also is my good grandfather. His favorite color is red, because he thinks red stands for joyousness. I love my grandfather forever.   我有一个好爷爷,他八十岁了。虽然他已经八十岁了,但是他的身体很好。他喜欢听京剧,他经常去锻炼,所以很多人会去问他些这方面的东西。他有一个好妻子,就是我的奶奶。他是个好丈夫,也是我的好爷爷。他最喜欢的颜色是红色,因为他觉得红色代表喜庆。我永远爱我的爷爷。


  My Grandfather   My grandfatheris over sixty now,but he is in good health,and his hair is still black. He is tall and handsome,and looks like a gentleman.He is very kind to me.Believe it or not,he began to learn to drive last year,and now he drives his white Nissan every day.   My grandfather has taught English for about 35 years, and he has been to many countries, such as America, France and Canada. Now he is on holiday in Europe with my grandmother.   我爷爷今年已经60多岁了,但是他身体很好,而且他的头发还很黑。他高大英俊,看上去很绅士。他对我很和蔼。不管你信不信,他去年开始学开车,现在他每天都开他那辆白色的日产车。   我的爷爷教英语已经有35年了,他去过很多国家,比如美国,法国和加拿大。现在他和我奶奶在欧洲度假。


  I have a grandpa, he is nearly 70 years old, it sounds old for him, but in his heart, he is really young. Two years ago, when I was in summer holiday, I went back to hometown and visited him. When I used my cellphone, my grandpa could say out which brand it belonged to, he also told me the advantage and disadvantage of my cellphone. I was so surprised, my grandpa said since I went to school, he had nothing to do, so he became interested in the digital products. He is familiar with all kinds of digital products, he is so cool to me. My grandpa is so lovely, he is so fashionable, he is never old.   我有一个爷爷,他将近70岁了,这听起来有点老,但是在他的心里,他很年轻。两年前,当我在放暑假,我回到家乡,看望爷爷。当我用手机的时候,我的爷爷能说出手机属于哪个品牌,他也告诉我手机的优点和缺点。我很吃惊,爷爷说打从我上学起,他就没有事情做,所以他就会数字产品很感兴趣。他熟悉各种各样的数字产品,对我来说他真酷。爷爷是如此的可爱,很时尚,他永远都不老。


  My grandfather is a famous professor. He is over sixty now, but he is in good health, and his hair is still black. He is tall and hand some, and looks like a gentleman. Believe it or not, he began to learn to drive last year, and now he drives his white Nissan every day.   My grand father has taught English for about 35 years, and he has been to many countries, such as America, France and Canada. Now he is on holiday in Europe with my grandmother.   He is very kind to me. When I was only five years old, he began to teach me English. Now, I an good at it.   I am proud of such a grandfather.   【参考译文】   我爷爷是一位著名的教授。他已年过花甲,可是身体健康,头发还是黑的。他个子高高的,很潇洒,看起来像一位绅士。信不信由你,他去年开始学开车,现在每天开着他的白色尼桑。   我爷爷教英语约35年了,他还去过许多国家,如美国、法国和加拿大。现在他正和奶奶在欧洲度假。   爷爷对我很好。我年仅5岁,他便开始教我英语。现在我的英语不错了。   我为有这样的爷爷感到骄傲。


  My grandpa is a retired worker. On summer evenings, we often sat together outside the house enjoying the cool air. It was the time that he told me lots of his experiences before liberation, some of which I've forgotten, but there is one I'll remember forever.   When my grandpa was fourteen years old, he worked in a coal mine. One day, when he and his two workmates were working in the tunnel an unfortunate thing suddenly happened. A part of the tunnel fell down, and they were shut in it. They had no food to eat. When they were hungry they only drank some water there. It was very cold in it. I order to keep warm they hugged one another. In the darkness, they didn't know whether it was day or night, they only felt they had stayed there for a very long time. They were too hungry to speak or move, and thought they would die. At last, the tunnel was dug through. They were saved. They had been there for fourteen days!   My grandpa said they had not been let out at once. If so, they would have died. They were kept at the entrance to the tunnel where it was very dim, and they were fed with some thin porridge. After a day or two, they had recovered a bit, and they were helped out.   After liberation, my grandpa worked very hard, and he was elected as an advanced worker every year. He is also a people representative of our city. He is loved and respected by everyone who knows him, and he lives the rest of his life happily.   0