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  如今,在我们身边,父母均在外打工的留守儿童比比皆是。关注留守儿童,事构建和谐社会的重要内容。关注留守儿童,要靠全社会的共同努力。你认为留守儿童面临的主要问题有那些?为了解决留守儿童的问题,请你向当地政府提建议。   提示:   1.缺乏父母的关爱,性格孤僻,学习压力大、自卑。   2.缺乏安全保障(家庭照官不力,容易犯错误甚至犯罪)。   建议:1.学校建立留守儿童心里咨询室,老师应该把爱播撒到每一个留守儿童的心田。   2.政府利用节假日建立留守儿童家长学校。   3.社会各界开展与留守儿童一帮一结对子的活动。   4.父母尽可能回到孩子身边,给孩子生活上和学习上的帮助和关爱。   Dear Mayor:   Im a middle school student. Im writing to tell you something aroud us. Nowadays, there are many left-behind children whose parents work away from their hometowns. Most of them are from the coutryside, you know, they have many problem. They are always lonely and stressed out because they are short of their parents love. At the same time, they are easy to make mistakes even do some thing against the laws, because theyre short of their families care.   How to solve their problems? In my eyes, the government can set up a parents school for these children on holidays, you can organize" hand-in-hand" activity to call on more people to help them. You can also raise money to donate to these children. As the song says:"If everyone gives their love, the world will be better." Its very important for us to pay more attention to these children if we want to build a harmonious society.   Best wishes to you!   Sincerely,   Li Hua


  据统计,我们目前有留守儿童5800多万,请结合右边这幅漫画,联系社会实际,用英语写一篇短文,99uu优优娱乐官方网站_99uu优优娱乐官方网站注册_99uu优优娱乐手机版登录.你的短文应包括以下内容:   1.简单描述图画内容并说明其所象征的社会问题.   2.你认为应该如何解决这一问题(至少两点).   注意:   1.可参照下面文章开头所给提示,作必要的发挥想象;2.词数120词左右,开头已经写好,不计入总词数;   3.作文中不得提及考试所在学校和本人姓名.   In the picture we can see bird parents fly away from the big tree to find more food for their families, leaving their children behind at home. The small birds are lonely and sad in their empty nests. We can imagine the difficulty they will have living on their own.   The picture actually reflects a social phenomenon. In many rural areas of China, parents go to big cities to do migrant jobs though their young children need their love and care. As a result, new problems have arisen. Statistics show many children face psychological and emotional challenges. Some struggle to keep up with their lessons and end up dropping out to follow in the footsteps of their parents. Some others form bad habits or even commit crimes.   It’s high time to solve these problems. First, the local government should create more job opportunities for these breadwinners. Second, teachers should give left-behind children more caring love by visiting their homes regularly. As middle school students, we can ask them to live together with us in our own homes.