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  my first and my last  an indian farmer and his child were toiling in the fields. it was almost dark by the time they had finished their work and the farmer said to the child, wow! its getting dark! quickly pack up the tools and run. lets run quickly!  relax. were not far from home and we know the way home.why are you in such a panic? asked the child. theres something you dont know. im not afraid of tigers or lions. im only afraid of the night. answered the farmer。  it so happened that a lion was hiding nearby and overheard their conversation. whats this thing called the night? how could it be more fearful than i am? i must find out about it.  go home with him.  early the next morning, on the way, another lion passed by and found it hilarious to see a lion obediently following a farmer. the lion asked, what are you doing? why are you walking behind this man?  shh! keep your voice down and leave quickly. dont you know that this being walking in front is something called the night. hes very terrible. last night, he beat me and shackled me, leaving me cold and starving the entire night. i have no idea where hes taking me now. run along or your life will be in danger!  乔治35岁时买了架小型飞机,并开始学习驾驶。不久,他就能很娴熟地驾机做各种各样的特技飞行了。  乔治有个朋友名叫马克。一天,乔治主动邀请马克乘他的飞机上天兜一圈。马克心想,“我乘大客机飞行过好几次,还从来没有乘过小飞机,我不妨试一试。”  升空后,乔治飞了有半个小时,在空中做了各种各样的飞行特技。  后来他们着陆了。马克很高兴能够安全返回地面。他用颤抖的声音对他的朋友说:“乔治,非常感谢你让我乘小飞机做了两次飞行。”  乔治非常吃惊地问:“两次飞行?”  “是的,我的第一次和最后一次。”马克答道。99uu优优娱乐官方网站_99uu优优娱乐官方网站注册_99uu优优娱乐手机版登录


  I have nine little goldfish.Eight goldfish are all orange and one is black.I like the black one best.We call it Xiao Hei.Its body is black.It has two big and round eyes,a small mouth,and a big tail.Though it's very small,it swims fast.  I often feed them and change water for them.We are good friends.  我有九条小金鱼。八条金鱼都是桔黄色的,只有一条是黑的。我最喜欢那条黑的。我们叫它小黑。它全身都是黑色的。它有两只又大又圆的眼睛,一张小嘴和一条大尾巴。尽管它非常小,但它却游得很快。我常常去喂它们,给它们换水。我们是好朋友。


  Once upon a time the fox was talking to the wolf about the strength of man,how no animal could withstand him,and how all were obliged to employ cunning in order to protect themselves from him.  The wolf answered,"If I could see a man just once,I would attack him nonetheless."  "I can help you to do that,"said the fox."Come to me early tomorrow morning,and I will show you one."  The wolf arrived on time,and the fox took him out to the path which the huntsman used every day.First an old discharged soldier came by.  "Is that a man?"asked the wolf.  "No,"answered the fox."He has been one."  Afterwards came a little boy on his way to school.  "Is that a man?"  "No,he will yet become one."  Finally a huntsman came by with his double-barreled gun on his back,and a sword at his side.  The fox said to the wolf,"Look,there comes a man.He is the one you must attack,but I am going back to my den."  The wolf then charged at the man.  When the huntsman saw him he said,"Too bad that I have not loaded with a bullet."Then he aimed and fired a load of shot into his face.  The wolf pulled an awful face,but did not let himself be frightened,and attacked him again,on which the huntsman gave him the second barrel.The wolf swallowed his pain and charged at the huntsman again,who in turn drew out his naked sword,and ggave him a few blows with it left and right,so that,bleeding all over,he ran howling back to the fox.  "Well,"Brother Wolf,said the fox,"how did you get along with man?"  "Oh,"replied the wolf,"I never imagined the strength of man to be what it is.First,he took a stick from his shoulder,and blew into it,and then something flew into my face which tickled me terribly.Then he breathed once more into the stick,and it flew up my nose like lightning and hail.Then when I got next to him,he drew a naked rib out of his body,and he beat me so with it that he almost killed me."  "See what a braggart you are,"said the fox."You throw your hatchet so far that you cannot get it back again."  从前有只狐狸向狼谈起人的力量,说没有动物能抵挡得了,所以他认为所有动物都必须施展计谋才能保护自己。可狼回答说:“假如我有机会碰到一个人,我就扑上去让他无法抵挡。”狐狸说:“我可以帮你碰到人啊。明早你早点来我家,我把他指给你看。”  第二天,狼很早就来了,狐狸带它来到猎人每天的必经之路。  他们碰到的第一个人是个退役老兵,狼问:“那是个人吗?”  “不是,”狐狸回答,“他以前是。”  接着他们遇到一个去上学的小男孩。“那是个人吗?”狼又问。“不是。”  狐狸回答说,“他将来是。”最后一个猎人朝它们走来,他肩上扛着双筒猎鎗,腰间还插着一把猎刀,狐狸对狼说:“那个就是人,你该朝他扑过去,我可是要回我洞里去了。”  於是狼朝猎人冲了过去。猎人一看说:“真可惜我没装上子弹,而是散弹。”他瞄准狼的脸开了一枪。狼疼得一阵痉挛,可还是没被吓倒,又朝猎人冲了过去。猎人又开了一枪。狼忍着巨痛扑向猎人,没想到猎人抽出猎刀左右开弓地在狼身上划了几道口子。狼鲜血四溅,嚎叫着逃到狐狸那里去了。  “狼兄弟,”狐狸说,“和人相处怎么样?”“哈!”狼回答说,“我从没想到人的力量会这么大!他先是从肩上取下一根棍子,朝里面吹了一口气,就有甚么东西飞到我脸上,痒得我要命;接着他又吹了一次,就有东西飞到我鼻子周围,像下了一阵雹子。当我靠近他时,他从身上抽出一根白得发亮的肋骨狠狠地打我,几乎把我打死在那里。”  狐狸说:“你这个吹牛大王,谁让你把话说得太大了,自己连退路都没有了呢。” [99uu优优娱乐官方网站_99uu优优娱乐官方网站注册_99uu优优娱乐手机版登录]相关文章: 1.英语演讲稿简单小故事 2.3分钟小故事英语演讲稿 3.3分钟英语演讲小故事 4.2016关于态度的英语演讲稿 5.初中幽默英语演讲稿 6.经典英语演讲稿2篇 7.英语演讲稿范文精选 8.责任与担当英语演讲稿 9.有关感恩的英语演讲稿 10.小学生英语演讲稿
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