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  January 13 2010  It was the first day of our winter holiday. All of us were very happy. Why? Because we have one months to do things we love to do. We are free. Although we have some homework. But we can finish them in several days. And the rest time we can make good use of. My god! We have been very tired after hard studying. In winter holidays, I want to have full sleep and eat good food in order to replenish myself. Last but not the least, I will have a good rest.  January 14 2010  It was the second day of our winter holiday. I felt good. I felt I’m free. I had a lot of time to do things I like. My parents are in Beijing. So I live alone but I don’t feel lonely. But I didn’t do something special. I stayed at home and watched TV. Oh! I wrote an English daily composition. It was my homework. Today, I have slept for 14 hours. I thought I was very tired. It was time for dinner. I must go! I am very hungry. [99uu优优娱乐官方网站_99uu优优娱乐官方网站注册_99uu优优娱乐手机版登录]相关文章: 1.关于暑假英语日记推荐 2.关于暑假英语日记500字推荐 3.关于暑期英语作文:暑假英语日记 4.关于开学的英语日记范文 5.关于初中暑假英语日记范文 6.关于暑假的英语日记范文精选 7.关于春节的英语日记范文 8.关于机遇大学生英语日记范文 9.英语日记:日记范文 10.关于生日的英语日记