时间:2017-07-14 人物类英语作文 我要投稿


  People say that the teacher is a fire, lighting our fire; The teacher is the stone step, taking us step by step. The teacher is like a candle, although delicate, but has a heat, emit a light, illuminates others, but exhaust oneself.  The love of the teacher is warmer than the sun, more pleasant than the spring breeze, sweeter than the spring. I have an amiable teacher in my heart.  Her name was zhuang, and the zhuang zi was like a small room, but there was never enough knowledge in it. Zhuang teacher is our Chinese teacher. She is very kind and never loses her temper. In class, the teacher with a smiling face and we speak zhuang, under the class, the students always like teachers and talking and laughing, I gradually understand the teacher, she is becoming more and more deep impression in my mind.  She is a good teacher in my heart, a teacher who impressed me most.  人们都说老师是一个火种,点燃了我们的心灵之火;老师是石阶,承受着我们一步一步踏实地向上攀登。老师像一支蜡烛,虽然细弱,但是有一分热,发出一分光,照亮别人,却耗尽了自己。  老师的爱,比太阳更温暖,比春风更加和煦,比清泉更加甘甜。我心中有一位和蔼可亲的老师。  她姓庄,庄字就像一间小小的房间,里面却装着永远也学不完的知识。庄教师是我们的语文老师,她非常和蔼,从不乱发脾气。上课时,庄老师用一张微笑的面孔和我们说话,下课时,同学们总喜欢和老师说说笑笑,我渐渐地认识了这位老师,她的印象在我的脑海里越来越深。  她就是我心中的好老师,一位让我印象最深的老师。


  NThere are many standards to judge whether a teacher is good or not, such as popularity among students, the scores of students or his or her title. I am lucky to have met many good teachers who have their own characteristics. In my mind, a good teacher first should be rich in knowledge, especially in his or her own subject, which is the basic requirement to a good teacher. Secondly, a good teacher should be patient. As we all know that not all students can do well in study, so that it requires teachers to be patient enough to help the poor students. Finally, a good teacher should be creative and able to keep pace with the times. It means that our teachers should continually get new information and knowledge to enrich themselves.  有很多标准可以衡量一个老师是否是个好老师,比如是否受学生欢迎,学生的成绩或者老师的头衔。我很幸运遇到了很多有自己的特点的好老师。我认为,一个好老师首先应该拥有丰富的知识,特别是在他所教的科目上,这是一个好老师的基本要求。其次,一个好老师应该具有耐心。我们都知道不是所有的学生成绩都好,这就需要老师有足够的耐心去帮助那些差生。最后,一个好老师应该具有创造性,能够与时俱进。这意味着老师应该继续获取新的信息和知识来丰富他们自己。