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  导语:我有许多老师,但是有一位老师给我的印象特别深刻的。下面是小编为您收集整理的英语作文,希望对您有所帮助。 99uu优优娱乐官方网站_99uu优优娱乐官方网站注册_99uu优优娱乐手机版登录   my teacher英语作文_第1篇:   My Chinese teacher is miss huang. She is round face, big eyes, has a head of long black hair, of medium height, dress neatly, every day is very love to laugh, have a pair of eyes which can speak seemed she is so pleasant, but sometimes also very strict.   Miss huang and we get along for a year, she gave me the deepest impression is her knowledge of the classroom and that a wuxi thoughts. Remember just on the second grade yellow teacher came to teach us Chinese, I like to listen to her lectures, each time to be colorful, affectionately, to lenovo, the stories teach us closely linked with the life and study, also said that some famous ancient words from time to time, slowly I speaking ability raise.   Before, I don't really like Chinese classes, also do not raise your hand to speak. Teacher always looked at me with concern, give me encouragement, give me the opportunity to exercise my guts, training my ability, I like Chinese, slowly my language result is also rising rapidly.   Miss huang is a good teacher. Here, I'll talk to the teacher say: "teacher, you were laborious! Thank you for your encouragement, always I will be more hard to learn." Because of having you such a good teacher, I believe I'll be more wonderful.   我的语文老师是黄老师,她圆圆的脸,大大的眼睛,留有一头长长的黑发,中等身材,每天都穿戴的整整齐齐,很爱笑,有一双会说话的眼睛显得她是那么和蔼可亲,可是有时也很严历。   黄老师和我们相处有一年了,她给我最深刻的印象是她那丰富的课堂知识和那一颗爱岗敬业的思想。记得刚上二年级黄老师就来教我们的语文,我很喜欢听她讲课,每次都讲得有声有色、声情并茂,对课文故事进行联想,教我们与生活、学习紧密联系,不时还说些名言古句,渐渐的我的说话能力提高啦。   之前,我并不是很喜欢上语文课的,也不举手发言。老师总是用关切的目光看着我,给我鼓励,给我机会,锻炼我的胆量,训练我的能力,慢慢地我喜欢上语文,我的语文成绩也上升地很快。   黄老师是一位好老师。在此,我要跟老师说声:“老师,您辛苦了!谢谢您一直以来的鼓励,我会更努力地去学习的。”正因为有您这样的好老师,我相信我会更棒的。   my teacher英语作文_第2篇:   , she has a head of jet-black long hair and a pale face hangs on a pair of curved arch eyebrows, also with a pair of watery big eyes, wearing a pair of glasses, a high stand nose with a ruddy lips. She is my teacher in charge - Wang Ruiling teacher.   Wang speaks very good teacher's class, therefore, the classmates all like her lecture. A dull content of the text, wang teacher can speak very good. Some classmates don't understand the problems, always use of class time to consult with wang teacher, at that time, wang teacher always patiently explain to students. If the students still don't understand, wang teacher will say the second time, third time... Until the students understand.   Wang teacher to students is very concerned about. Remember once, I fell ill with a fever and didn't go to school for two days. Wang teacher make a phone call to my home and visit my illness, also say to me to have a good rest, she will give me to fill the homework.   Wang teacher is like a hard gardener, is more like a never rusty seeder.   她,有着一头乌黑发亮的长头发,一张白皙的脸庞上挂着一对弯弯的柳叶眉,还镶嵌着一双水汪汪的大眼睛,戴了一双眼镜,一个高挺的鼻子下有着一张红润的嘴。她,就是我的班主任——汪瑞玲老师。   汪老师的课讲得特别好,因此,同学们都喜欢她讲的课。一篇内容枯燥无味的课文,汪老师都能讲得非常精彩。有的同学遇到不懂的问题,总会利用下课的时间去请教汪老师,这时候,汪老师总会耐心地给同学们讲解。如果同学们还是不理解,汪老师就会讲第二遍、第三遍......直到同学们听懂为止。   汪老师对同学们非常关心。记得有一次,我发了高烧,连续两天没去上学。汪老师便打电话到我家,慰问我的病情,还对我说要好好休息,功课她会给我补的。   汪老师就像一位辛勤的园丁,更像一台永不生锈的播种机。