时间:2018-09-19 英语日记 我要投稿
  At the very beginning, I was curious about the professional practice and couldn’t wait to know what it is. Therefore, I asked some elders in our faculty. They told me that it’s very simple and all things you need to do were to finish the translation of the materials appointed by your teacher. Honestly speaking, I was of great disappointed at that time because it was far from my expectation. I did nothing about the professional practice before I received the task from my supervisor.  About ten days ago, I received the materials I need to translate. What amazed me was that I need to interpret two English poems into Chinese. When I saw the two poems at the first sight I thought that I could not do it and it’s difficult to me. Then I calmed down myself and read them carefully. It’s truly that they were not easy fir me to translate in that there were too many new words in the poems and I could not understand their main ideas. What should I do?At last, I turned to the internet. As we all know, Internet is great tool which can help us do a lot of things and it is thought as the great library in the modern world. I thought that I could find some information useful there and then I begun to search on the internet. One of the poems is that A Good Knight In Prison. I only found that it was written by William Morris and the poem itself. There was no any information about its translation. The other poem, Another For The Briar-Rose, whose situation was worse than the first one because I could not find any information related to its name. It seemed that I had to finish the task by my own and I would take it into serious consideration. Where there is a will, there is a way!