时间:2018-09-19 英语演讲稿 我要投稿
  Topic :Self-employed in college. General Purpose :To persuade.  Specific Purpose :To persuade my audience that self-employed in college is a wonderful choose.  Central Idea :Self-employed in college can improve our abilities,make our thoughts come true and help us make money. Main Ideas : Body :  Now,you are in your golden time,you have the strong body,the smart brain,the limitless creativity,and the full enthusiasm.But what’ra you doing?Playing computer games all day dorm?Or after TV plays all the time?If so,you’re wasting your life.Then I will show you a valuable way--Start Your Own Business.  It has many advantages,like improving your abilities,making your thoughts come true and making money.Now let’s talk about the three.  FIRST,improving your abilities.While doing your own business,you should make some surveys for what you are doing,and you have to find a appropriate shop front,contact the seller,calculate the price and find the  target-consumers.It is not an overnight process,you have to talk,to compare,to screen,and you will come into contact with all kinds of people.But your  presentation ability,organizing ability will be improved obviously.And you will know the society earlier and deeper than your schoolmates who don’t do this. And next advantage,self-employed in college can make your thoughts come true.Nothing is impossible.Anything you imagine can come into reality.You are the king in your business world.What a single brick and tile looks like,how the world plans, all depend you.And of course it need your hard work.  Last but not least,self-employed in college can help you make  money.The profit the business makes belongs to the you. If you succeed in business, you have the chance to earn a great deal of money. The profit earned is the reward for the owner's effort, ability and creativity. So that you can have more spending money and the burden of your family will be smaller. As job hunting has always been a headache for college students. Though many graduates are employed right after graduation, some are not. So be yourself’s boss is a good ideal which is encouraged by our government.